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Gallup Poll: Nine Out of 10 Americans Have Unfavorable View of Iran

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Results of a Gallup poll published last week reveal that nearly nine in 10 Americans have an unfavorable view of Iran, making it the worst rated country out of the 22 asked about.

The poll measures “top-of-mind reactions toward a number of countries that are frequently in the news,” a spokesperson from the Gallup organization said Thursday, March 8.

In addition to Iran, seven other countries — Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Pakistan, and North Korea — also received unfavorable ratings of 70% or more.

For decades, Gallup has monitored Americans’ attitudes toward many of these countries and some, like Iran and North Korea, consistently get high or low favorable ratings. These most recent ratings were included in Gallup’s World Affairs survey conducted Feb. 7-10, and provide a unique window into Americans’ top-of-mind reactions toward a number of countries that are frequently in the news.

According to the report, the eight countries with the most negative ratings all currently are or over the past decade were involved in wars, disputes, or turmoil — in a number of instances, in ways that are overtly hostile to the U.S. The currently “hostile” category includes Iran and North Korea. Libya was overtly hostile toward the U.S. under the government of Moammar Gadhafi, and more recently was the country in which U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed.

The U.S. actively invaded two of the countries in this bottom tier — Iraq and Afghanistan — in efforts to overthrow their governments or controlling factions. Syria is in the middle of major domestic turmoil at this time. The U.S.-Pakistani relationship is beset with rockiness despite the strained cooperation between the two on military matters.

Further results indicate that Americans react most positively to two English-speaking countries (Canada and Great Britain) that are longtime U.S. allies and to two countries — Germany and Japan — that were the major U.S. foes in World War II about 70 years ago. All four of these countries are now democracies with economic systems that in many ways reflect the same dynamics as the U.S. system.

Three additional countries, Israel, France and India, were coined as “above water” – meaning that although they are not at the top of the list, they engender attitudes from Americans that are much more favorable than unfavorable.

“Continuing Gallup research has shown that Americans strongly favor Israel’s side of the enduring conflict between that country and the Palestinian Authority, helping explain why the latter is in this bottom group,” Gallup noted in its announcement of the survey results.

This year’s findings correspond to a poll conducted in February of last year, which asked Americans whom they considered to be the United States’ “greatest enemy today.” The results showed that 32%, almost one third, answered “Iran” more so than any other country.

Likewise, experts note that the timing of the findings is critical, as tensions are currently on the rise between the United States and Iran over the lack of progress in talks aimed at restricting the developmental progress of Tehran’s nuclear powers.

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