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“Four Questions” for President Obama as he Visits Israel Pre-Pesach

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As Jews in Israel (and around the world) focus in on their last-minute preparations for the imminent holiday of Pesach, President of the United States Barack Obama is making a brief visit to the Holy Land. Over the few days he will spend there, he will confer with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli government leaders, undoubtedly seeking to advance the seemingly endless “peace process” with the Palestinians while reassuring Israel that the U.S. stands ever-ready to guarantee its security from such existential threats as Iran’s ongoing effort to achieve nuclear power.

In the spirit of Pesach – an eight-day period wherein the Jewish people relive their miraculous redemption by Hakadosh Boruch Hu from hundreds of years of enslavement in Egypt and their formation into an independent nation – the Jewish Voice would like to ask our own set of “four questions” (as per the ones in the Haggadah) to President Obama as he attempts to influence Israel’s destiny:

What would you do if a country in fairly close proximity to the United States would be steadily progressing in its efforts to achieve nuclear power? What would you do if you knew that – despite their protestations that its nuclear activities were solely for peaceful purposes – that country’s leaders had repeatedly made unambiguous statements calling for the destruction of the United States, and that country was known without any doubt to be bankrolling terrorist groups committing mass atrocities worldwide? Would you trust statements by that country’s leadership denying any malevolent intent towards your country?

When will you recognize that previous concessions of land by Israel to its neighbors – in particular the Palestinians – have not brought the Jewish state any form of true and lasting peace and security? Do you admit – for just one key example – that Israel’s relinquishing of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians only resulted in a Hamas-dominated territory that has been the consistent source of missiles and mayhem aimed at those who bent over backwards for the sake of their new neighbors? Will you finally concede that pressuring Israel to give up more land to form an independent Palestinian state is just an invitation to more anarchy and danger?

Why is your administration purportedly providing crucial arms to the anti-Assad rebels currently engaging in civil war as they attempt to overthrow the present regime in Syria? While we fully recognize that Assad is a brutal dictator with no compunction about wantonly murdering his own citizens, don’t you know that the rebels in Syria are greatly made up of al-Qaeda members, who would no doubt act similarly – and probably worse – if they were to get into power in their country? And in a related matter, why is the American government – under your direction – supporting the Muslim Brotherhood-run Morsi government in Egypt? Don’t you realize that these avatars of the “Arab Spring” have a deep hatred for Israel and the West running in their ideological veins?

Given all of the above points, when will you finally realize that Prime Minister Netanyahu has no choice but to “hang tough” over the long haul, and remain resolute when dealing with Israel’s sworn enemies – and even with its supposed “friends”? Don’t you  understand that as the primary individual responsible for Israel’s continued existence, Netanyahu must not surrender to easily-made promises that could readily evaporate into security-threatening illusions?

We somehow doubt that – even if he reads this – President Obama will answer our “four questions.” But we nevertheless felt compelled to ask.


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