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Long Island’s Botox Expert Comes to Midwood

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Dr. Olga Zilbersteinis the “lunchtime Botox” expert.
Dr. Olga Zilbersteinis the “lunchtime Botox” expert.
Choosing the right Botox doctor is no laughing matter, as any woman knows that a fatal choice of doctor could actually add years to ones face instead of taking them off.

For several years now, the women of Five Towns, Long Island have been buzzing about Dr. Olga Zilberstein, known for doing some of the best “lunchtime Botox” in town.Now, one of the most sought-after Board Certified Physicians in the New York Area has gone local, opening an office on East 4th Street and Avenue U.

Zilberstein spends her nights working the emergency room at Queens Hospital, where sadly, happy endings are not a guarantee. But during the day, happy endings happen all the time at her private practice Medical Spa. And she says she’s found her calling, as her business has been budding over the past couple of years through simple word of mouth.

The doctor sat down recently with the Jewish Voice to dish about why she believes non-surgical facelifts are the way of the future, how her conservative approach has won over many clients, which celebrities have had what done, and more!

The Jewish Voice: Tell us about aesthetic medicine, what is that you do?

Olga Zilberstein: Aesthetic medicine is a relatively new area of medicine, it’s primarily for keeping people young and beautiful. We call it the “non-surgical facelift.” It’s giving you a fresher look without having to go under the knife.

A lot of celebrities get it done, but you can tell which ones go overboard. Nicole Kidman does Botox and fills her lips.

JV: I just saw her on TV at the Oscars- she couldn’t really move her forehead.

OZ:(Laughs) She’s beautiful, her forehead is smooth but those things usually relax in time. Although I personally did like her lips better when they were thinner.

Lindsay Lohan is also abeautiful girl, but she filled her lips too much, it’s too obvious now. When she was younger, she had thinner lips and I think it suited her much better. I always recommend against over-doing it, and I can always tell when it’s too much on a client, so sometimes I just have to put my foot down.

JV: You have a reputation for being honest with your clients. Have you ever had to cut someone off?

OZ: I have, I refuse to keep goingfor some people. Some people come back for more and more, they don’t know when to stop and I refuse to overdue it, it doesn’t speak well for my work and also it doesn’t look good.

My approach is very conservative; I always say it’s better to underdue than overdue. My goal is to make people look “refreshed,”not to change you but to make you look better. I don’t like to make any drastic change to my clients’ appearances, so the best compliment I get for my work is when my clients come back and tell me that they were asked if they’ve slept well or if they’ve been on vacation recently— nobody has to know that they did something.

JV: I read in an article somewhere that Kim Kardashian has been getting Botox done since she was about 28, and that if you start too young it could actually be bad for you, because your face will get used to it and the Botox won’t work as well when you actually need it.

OZ: This is actually the opposite of being true, and whoever wrote that probably never consulted with a doctor. It’s better to start young because your age lines and wrinkles don’t get worse after Botox and fillers, they just get better. Think about it this way, you’re not using those muscles when you’re relaxing them with Botox. If they’re not working then they’re not forming wrinkles. Also, if you fill the lines, those fillers will stimulate your own collagen, so in the long run your skin will just get better, not worse.

JV: Tell us a little bit about non-surgical rhinoplasty. It’s a procedure that’s been all the rage recently, and word of mouth has it that you’re an expert.

OZ: Yes, it’s nice because it’s a procedure that allows you to reshape the nose without surgical means. It’s funny because I’ve had people ecstatic that a little injection saved them from getting rhinoplasty, but it has to be for specific things you want to change about the nose. It’s not for lifting the tip, it’s for filling in certain areas to make them straighter. I’ve had a few Asian women who wanted to have a more European look to their nose, they wanted me to make it longer and less flat, so I used an injection and you can’t image how happy they were. It’s a relatively easy procedure that really corrected their noses.

JV: Sounds too good to be true. Which brings me to the pain aspect, on a scale of one to ten, how badly do some of these procedures hurt?

OZ: (Laughs) Well the injections do hurt a bit, but it’s really tolerable. In some areas the most you will feel is a little pinch. When I first opened my practice, Iused a special cream to anesthetizeand numb the areas that the injections would go in. I still use it now but much less, as medicine keeps advancing all the time, and now fillers themselves have lidocane, which is a numbing agent, so it’s actually not as painful. Skintightening doesn’t hurt at all, customers always laugh that they don’t feel anything.

JV: How much do you charge for Botox?

OZ: I always try to work with people. Plastic surgery offices have to pay an overhead so their prices are higher. I usually charge 8 dollars a unit for Botox.

JV: So if my mom needs to get a “number 11,” how much would that come out to? (Editor’s note: Ima, if you’re reading this at home, don’t kill me).

OZ: It depends, if she has deep wrinkles it would be 8 X 25, which is 200 dollars. Some people will need 30 units, some people will need ten. It all depends; I have to see the person and judge for myself. Botox is supposed to be repeated every 4 months, fillers last for two or more years, but the general rule for fillers is one year.

JV: I have to ask about the “lunchtime lipo”.

OZ: That’s actually another one of our really popular procedures; it’s called Cavitation Lip. It really works in destroying fat cells and cellulite, and it’s also absolutely painless. Typically, women have to do a few treatments to see the full results, but everybody’s different. The average is 5-10 for Cavitation and the before and after are unbelievable. You have to maintain a healthy diet though, otherwise it will all come right back.

JV: So you can’t finish a session and then go have three burgers?

OZ: (Laughs) Exactly, once is a while it’s okay. But if you don’t follow a healthy diet you won’t be able to maintain the results.

JV: Do you have any male clients?

OZ: You’d be surprised that men come in as well as women. The ones with the younger wives want to looks good, so they get Botox and fillers. (Laughs)Yes we have a mostly female client base, but men come in too.

The thing about men’s skin is that it ages faster, so when you contract stronger muscles, you get deeper lines. When I do Botox for men, I need to use much more just to relax the muscles. Just as their muscles are stronger than ours on the rest of their bodies, they’re strong on the face as well. So yes it’s a myth that they age faster. Maybe we as women just don’t care if a man has a line here and there? (Laughs)

I actually had a client come in the other day and tell me that her fiancé has been to our office and he recommended us to her, so you never know.

Dr. Zilberstein’s Medical Spa is located on 2154 East 4th St, 2nd floor (corner of Ave U, one block from Ocean Pkwy) Brooklyn, NY 11223. For appointments, call 718-614-9511.


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