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Yaakov Shwekey: Little Dreams and Big Dreams

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For a patient languishing in the hospital oncology wards, the greatest dream is to emerge healthy. But sometimes, fulfilling a little dream can provide the boost one needs to see the big dream become a reality…

Shaul Chai was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago. No time was lost. The patient immediately began massive treatments to crush the “enemy” within. Enervated by the aggressive treatment, the boy’s mood was at an all-time low. As any doctor can tell you that the emotional state of the patient affects his physical condition, for better or worse.

It was at that time that the renowned singer Yaakov Shwekey called Zevi, Ezer Mizion’s Cancer Support Coordinator and offered to come by and visit a cancer patient during his trip to Israel.

At Ezer Mizion, nothing will stand in the way of bringing a bit of joy to a patient. Knowing Shaul Chai’s passion for Chassidic music in general, and for Schwekey in particular, Ezer Mizion staff leaped at the offer. Zevi went into action immediately to make it happen. And happen it did.

“Shaul Chai’s eyes lit up when I told him that there was a surprise for him, and then revealed that his hero, Yaakov Shwekey, was right outside the door,” said Zevi.

“Here?! My door?! He came to me?!”

For over an hour, the two sang together. Shaul Chai proudly showed Shwekey that the melody on his cell phone is – what else? – a Shwekey hit.

Shaul Chai’s parents were thrilled. His grandfather was moved to tears. “He was so weak after his treatment with no strength to even speak. You have literally brought him back to life!”

Ezer Mizion’s “Fulfill a Dream” project offers elderly people and sick patients the opportunity to choose an event they wish to experience, something they can look forward to.

Requests for Ezer Mizion’s ‘Dreamotherapy’ come in from social workers or family members of lonely, disabled, elderly and very ill people throughout Israel. After reviewing the requests, Ezer Mizion coordinates the logistics-and there are many- of making these dreams come true.

Ezer Mizion’s Ambulance division plays an integral role in fulfilling dreams, providing the necessary vehicles and personnel.

The cancer patient whose desire it is to cling to the stones of the Kosel, a sister weakened by illness who has not seen her equally ill sister in months, a six year old boy enamored of policemen who never even dared to dream of visiting a police station, a father who had despaired of attending his daughter’s wedding…only dreams, until Ezer Mizion makes them happen.

When there’s love and caring, together with compassionate Jews who donate generously, even dreams can come true…and the vitamin called Joy enables the spirit to partner with the body in its battle for life.

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