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From Al to Al: Gore and Jazeera Political Bedfellows

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Former Vice President Al Gore has made headlines once again; although this time around it was sans his arguably polemical rhetoric about an environmental apocalypse due “climate change” which, of course, according to him, is driven by sleazy corporate avarice and their flagrant disregard for the toxins they produce.

Nor did he take the bully pulpit to sternly admonish us about avoiding a perilous fiscal escarpment through the imposition of higher taxes for the wealth creators. Taking a different route, bombastic Al caught our attention through the shocking sale of his fledgling cable television channel called Current TV to the controversial folks at Al Jazeera. According to published news reports, Gore (already a rich man) has walked off with a hefty chunk of change and can prepare to deposit another $100 million in his bank account. While Gore created Current TV to be a “viable” news alternative to the far left-leaning MSNBC; he just didn’t have what it takes to capture the much sought after cable audience, despite the fact that he tried to hire their talent, such as the bitterly sardonic Keith Olbermann.

So, what’s wrong with this picture? Isn’t a capitalist entrepreneur and media mogul permitted to buy and sell acquisitions with ease? The answer would be a resounding yes if it were anyone other than Gore who has been aptly dubbed as a colossal avatar of hypocrisy. While he makes laborious efforts to circumvent his own “inconvenient truths”, anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see through his thinly veiled veneer. Gore understood the need to sell Current TV and he was aiming for the highest bidder, but why Al Jazeera? Let’s start with the fact that this Middle Eastern based news channel is bankrolled by the oil rich country of Qatar, so its coffers are not lacking. Let’s also hasten to remember that the Emir of Qatar, who owns and dictates policy at the channel shares Gore’s global perspectives. This was effectively proven when Gore arrogantly refused to accept Glenn Beck’s offer to purchase Current. Beck could barely take a breath before Gore’s staff told his people to take a hike; that they would never compromise their fealty to the banner of a nefarious liberalism that borders on socialism. But you know what they say: Scratch a doctrinaire liberal and you’ll find a demagogue. Heaven forfend if someone comes along and extols a perspective ground in rationality; views that might actually be interpreted as pro-American or pro values. Gore would have to show them to the door.

So, in walks the Qatari monarchy who sponsor a channel that was favored by the ultimate terrorist miscreant, the now dead Osama bin Laden of 9/11 fame. When the ideologically driving force of al Qaeda was on the run in the days following the infamous attacks, he called upon Al Jazeera to broadcast his videos; where he savored the opportunity to taunt America, Israel and the civilized Western world. Let’s also not forget that the coverage provided by Al Jazeera gives new meaning to the word tendentious as the Emir himself recently plunked down $400 million to fund the arch terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Let’s not forget that even the most liberal of media personalities such as former ABC talk show host, Dave Marash who went on to work for Al Jazeera, left the station saying that they were more than sufficiently anti-American in their reportage. Let’s also recall that other respected figures in the mainstream media have made the conclusion that Al Jazeera’s coverage of world events were most pointedly pro-Islamist and vehemently anti-Israel. So much so that even cable giant, Time Warner has decided to not pick up “Al Jazeera America” after the sale was officially gone down.

This, however, doesn’t ruffle Gore’s feathers as he has being feverishly promoting his new buyers to any distributor that will listen; working to ensure their success both from in political and financial terms As a board member of the new Al Jazeera channel, Gore will continue his work to put more money and influence into the hands of those spend oil dollars to establish Islamic hegemonies. Now, can’t we all sleep better tonight with that sanguine knowledge ruminating in our heads? Gone are the halcyon days when one would think a former vice president would be on lecture circuits propounding the greatness and exceptionalism of the country he once was in second command of and perhaps he might consider standing up for the doughtiness of such allies as Israel.

Back to the darkness of reality. Falling victim to the seductive lure of monetary gain, Gore conveniently remains mum about the fact that such mega-oil producing countries as Qatar are culpable for producing the kind of fossil fuels that Gore says pave the way for global ruination. Of what of the myriad of other pernicious toxic elements that result from massive oil production? What of the future of sea life, other various animals and of course, human beings? Does this rattle Gore’s conscience? We think not.

Speaking of even more blatant hypocrisy, let’s also remain cognizant of the fact that Gore desperately wanted to ink the deal with Al Jazeera prior to the end of 2012 so his windfall in profits wouldn’t fall prey to the new higher capital gains taxes that he would have to pay in 2013. it is interesting to note that Gore and his liberal acolytes in Hollywood tenaciously supported the preposterous Obama notion of “distribution of wealth” and compelling those wealth creators to finance entitlement programs rather than jobs for the middle class and poor. So, as Gore lines his pockets with the hope of lining the hearts and minds of the American public with the propaganda-like claptrap of Al Jazeera programming, we can only find a ray of solace here. The man who was only a few hundred votes away from being president 12 years ago never quite made it. Lucky for us !!

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