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Colorado Swastika Defacements Continue

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For the second time in a week, Jews in Colorado were confronted with the ugly and frightening sight of swastikas drawn on a building in the state.

Defaced this time was the synagogue in the town of Morrison, southwest of Denver. It was the latest in a spate of swastika defacements and threatening graffiti around the state.

The swastika appeared overnight last week on the wall of the Bnai Chaim synagogue in Morrison. No additional graffiti was added, and no one has taken credit fir the defacement. Police are investigating, but apparently have no leads.

Earlier in the week, swastikas were found painted on three stores in a street mall in Boulder. No one has been caught in those incidents as well. The Anti-Defamation League issued a statement, saying “the use of swastikas sends a strong message of hate and goes against the spirit of inclusivity and respect valued by the overwhelming majority of Boulder residents. We deplore this despicable act that affects the entire Boulder community.”

The past year has seen a string of swastika daubing in Colorado. Last Chanuka, a Chabad rabbi in Colorado Springs found that a Chanuka menorah outside his synagogue was defaced with a swastika. Six months ago, another Colorado Spring synagogue, Beth Torah, was also defaced. Police investigated that case, calling it an “act of criminal mischief”. No suspects have been arrested in that case, or any of the others.

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