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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Rabbi Fingerer and Community Leaders Bring Brooklyn’s Jews Home

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Seen from left to right at the latest Brooklyn Jewish Experience event are: Host-Mr. Perachya Rosenberg; Mentor- Mr. Neil Kerman; Rav-Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer; Mentor-Mr. Zecharia Fruchtandler.Brooklyn Jewish Xperience (BJX), Brooklyn’s Kiruv organization, is at the forefront, being mekarev Brooklyn’s more than 60% of non-observant Jews. Every day BJX works around the clock, engaged in inreach and outreach, teaching Torah and guiding both Kerovim (those from frum homes who are no longer observant or who are in serious need of spiritual guidance) and Rechokim (those from non-observant or unaffiliated backgrounds).

We express much gratitude to our recent hosts Mrs. and Mrs. Pesachya and Baila Rosenberg. The Rosenberg family hosted a packed audience of students so graciously and beautifully. The students were exceedingly touched and inspired. As one mentor present observed, “It’s the most intense spiritual experience. You can literally see their Neshamos burning for more.” Many people don’t realize how easy the Mitzvah of Kiruv and Ahavas Yisroel is and in our own community with our own neighbors. Following a delectable buffet, the students listened to a fascinating and illuminating shiur on the Parsha and contemporary events by Rav Yitzchok Fingerer. With his trademark dynamism and humor, Rabbi Fingerer weaved together words of Chazal and scientific sources to educate the students about the importance of incorporating gratitude into their lives. Then the students were treated to an outstanding talk by noted community leader Mr. Zecharia Fruchtandler on the subject of “Battles and Free will.” In his inimitable style, Mr. Fructhandler offered an intriguing perspective on life’s challenges and really engaged the students’ minds and souls.  He then spent the rest of the evening mentoring students.

The secular students in attendance were exceedingly inspired by the program. Marsha is leaving to Eretz Yisroel in a month. Rebecca is also going to Eretz Yisroel in late December. Michael is beginning to keep Shabbos. One BJX student, Meir (name has been changed to protect identity), grew up religious and thanks to the valiant work of BJX is returning to Yiddishkeit. He brought friends with him. One young fellow who grew up in a Belzer family and another young man who was raised Satmar. One formerly religious young man now living in Manhattan was so impressed with BJX that he is considering moving to Brooklyn to strengthen his ties with Yiddishkeit. An entire contingent of students participated in our new series, “The Laws and philosophy of Shabbos.” This was a huge milestone for people who were raised in totally non Shabbos observant homes. As the only Kiruv organization in the entire Brooklyn serving all types of Jews, BJX needs your help. You can save an entire generation of Jews! To become a mentor or sponsor/host a program please call 646-397-1544 or visit www.thinkandcare.org.

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