Europe, Stop Meddling in our Elections


Throughout the world, and mainly in Europe, there is an unusual level of interest in Israel’s upcoming elections. Egypt has reached boiling point, Syria is burning, Jordan quakes — and yet Israel is set above the world’s utmost joy. Such a small country on the Mediterranean coast is getting so much international attention.

It is a matter of custom the world over for one country to refrain from interfering in the internal elections of another. But this custom does not apply to Israel. Many countries are making substantial efforts to prevent the Israeli Right from winning the upcoming election. Their well-oiled and orchestrated campaign combines the recognition of a Palestinian state at the U.N., boycotting products made in Judea and Samaria, and a hysterical response to Israel’s decision to create territorial contiguity from Maaleh Adumim to Jerusalem, including the possible recall of ambassadors.

Foreign interference also extends to left-wing nongovernmental organizations that, under the guise of cultural and humanitarian activity, transfer millions of dollars to Israel with the ultimate purpose of undermining the Right’s chances in the upcoming elections. My study of modern history leads me to believe that behind these organizations and the great sums of money at their disposal lie actual nation states.

For 2,000 years, the nations of Europe were in the habit of knowing better than the Jews what was good for them. This habit was born in the days when Jews were at the mercy of hatred, prejudice, the Church, as well as Hun and Viking violence that swept Europe.

The Europeans have not yet understood that the Jews have a state and are masters of their own fate. The British have yet to accept that the Irgun and Lehi contributed to the fall of the empire on which the sun never set. The French believe that they still control the Levant and fail to realize that the Levant controls them.

It’s hard to complain about European countries meddling in the Israeli elections. We can’t expect them to be greater Zionists and lovers of Israel than the many Israeli leftists who provide them with ammunition, an ideology and the sense that it is important and urgent to save the Jews from themselves.

Israeli leaders past and present, even those for whom breach of trust is second nature, have influenced European and American decision makers, trying to foment conflict between Israeli and foreign leaders. Israeli professors who specialize in historical distortions have persuaded the world’s intellectuals that Israel is to blame for Palestinian suffering, in wicked ignorance of historical facts.

But due to their blindness and failure to understand, the nations of the world underestimate the Jews. They are unable to decipher Jewish thinking, which operates on the principle of reverse psychology. The more that foreign nations try to undermine our independence and freedom of choice, the more they try to influence voters by applying undue and dishonest pressure, they will discover that the nation dwelling in Zion unites ever more strongly around a campfire that burns eternally. Their continued pressure will merely improve the odds for a right-wing victory.