The Evils Of Liberalism Abound


While the vast majority of United States citizens – and citizens of the global community, for that matter – were focused on the outcome of the recent presidential election, few of us took note of several state referendums on the ballot that speak directly to moral issues, and their egregious ramifications for our society as a whole.

Case in point: On November 6, voters in Colorado and Washington gave their affirmation for the legalization of cannabis (marijuana) for recreational use. Voters in Oregon defeated the initiative, but following in the footsteps of California, votes were also taken for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes in Arkansas, Massachusetts and Montana.

In a historic turnaround, the ballot box is showing America’s shifting attitudes about same-gender marriage. After gay marriage rights died at the polls dozens of times in the past, on Election Day they passed in at least three states. The results: Maine, Maryland and Washington will now allow same sex couples to tie the knot. They will now join Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont as well as the District of Columbia in allowing those of the same gender to marry.

To anyone with eyes to see and ears that ear, these votes should be a clarion call about the devastating effects of rampant liberalism in our society. As residents of the State of New York, it would appear that in addition to having same-gender marriage rammed down our throats by Governor Cuomo and the politicized state legislature, we now are being compelled to “put it in our pipe and smoke it” as a serious campaign is being waged to “green” New York’s economy by legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes as well.

“Big Marijuana” interests have tapped politically juiced Albany lobbyists including powerhouse Patricia Lynch Associates to spread the smoky ganja gospel in the Empire State. Politicos are attempting to sweeten the deal by insisting that licensing and taxing of marijuana growers, dispensaries and sales could generate upwards of $1 billion for New York’s cash-starved coffers. It should also be noted that prescription marijuana is backed by the New York State Medical Society.

The question that cries out to be answered is: What in the world will be next? We understand that those in the gambling industry also have their sights set on New York for a casino conglomerate. And after that, what else? The legalization of incest, bestiality, man-boy love and polygamy (G-d forbid)? The legalization of the recreational use of cocaine, heroine, poppers and LSD? How about the legalization of gambling venues in New York that cater to pot smoking members of legalized group marriages?

Absurd you say?? Not really. Once you successfully lay siege to the moral building blocks of society, you foster a terrifying scenario of unadulterated chaos and the unraveling of the values that hold human civilization together.

So, let’s figure this all out at the dinner table when we’re trying to explain this to our children.

Thankfully, there are some voices of reason out there. New York law-enforcement authorities say legalizing marijuana under medical pretenses is a sham that would encourage the use of a “gateway” drug banned by the feds, and they plan to whack the weed initiative. “We are now coping with the epidemic of prescription-pill addiction and cannot afford another disaster caused by the highly abused ‘remedy’ pushed by Big Marijuana,” said New York City Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan.

As for legalized gambling in New York, lawmakers will be asked to approve an amendment on this in 2013, and the New York State electorate will be asked to vote on a referendum on this issue before it can be enacted. Let’s face facts: The sanctioning of legalized gambling in New York will only perpetuate the devolution of venalities that has come to define our society. The last thing we need is a spike in violent crime, prostitution, drug use and outright lawlessness. We ask the people of New York to speak out against this scourge, to take up the gauntlet against the kind of liberalism that serves as an existential threat to our lives and that of our children. Let Us Act Now, before it is too late!!