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New Bendable Phones Coming from Samsung

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In another remarkable advancement of modern technology, Samsung is preparing to begin mass production of its new unbreakable and bendable smart phones that utilizes plastic for its displays rather than glass.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, sources revealed that the Korean company is sampling the displays with ‘a few customers.’

The Journal also said that the handsets are ‘in the last phase of development,’ and the devices are expected to be released in the first half of 2013.

According to the Telegraph, using a plastic polymer instead of glass, Samsung has produced displays that can roll and bend, and even survive falls and blows from the least physically adept customers.

Samsung is attempting to differentiate itself from other mobile brands in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and flexible displays could raise their profile by offering a unique product, the report said.

The company has refused to reveal how much it spent in developing this new mode of display technology.

While bendable display panels are not actually new, their mass production is a major breakthrough. LG and Sony have previously showcased their own flexible display panels, but were unable to carry them into mainstream production for bulk sales. Apple’s recently launched iPhone 5 has in-cell screen touch sensors embedded in the LCD panel itself.

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