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Mozart, Perlman, Deutscher: 7-Year-Old Prodigy Composes Opera

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Alma Deutscher, a seven-year-old girl of Israeli-British citizenship has captured thousands of ears after composing an entire opera, The Sweeper of Dreams.

At first glance, one can immediately see the keen intelligence in her eyes, though it’s contrasted by her pink dress, pigtails and the small stack of books she uses as a foot stool when playing the piano. Born in 2005, Alma resides in Surrey, England, with her Israeli-born father, Guy, who is a highly regarded linguist, and her mother, Janie, who is an academic, according to the Telegraph. Deuscher’s father recounted, “She could name the notes on a piano by the age of two. She was given her first violin on her third birthday, and was playing Handel Sonatas within a year.”

The virtuoso’s skills are so strong that she was highly commended by the English National Opera, which held a competition in search for young talent. Alma’s opera narrowly missed consideration in the Final. But, she is not only a gifted composer, but a capable violinist and pianist as well.

Alma has garnered over 300,000 hits on Youtube and counting: One of Alma’s fan’s on her Youtube channel commented her mixed feelings of veneration coupled with concern. “When I become aware of a child prodigy such as Alma I have two major feelings; firstly, admiration, enthusiasm and wonderment; secondly, a wish for her to be protected and a hope that she will be allowed to develop without loosing her childhood …”

Deutscher’s multiple talents are only matched by her ambition. She told the Independent that she wants “people to know how I play”, and yearns to “compose like Mozart, play the violin like Perlman and play the piano like Barenboim”.

Alma revealed to the BBC her creative method and where she draws her inspiration. “When I’m improvising, I have lot’s of ideas. Normally, when I try to think of ideas, it doesn’t come.” Her next project is a concerto on the cello, and the world will be listening.

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