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Misaskim Commemorates Opening of New Garage in Williamsburg

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This past Thursday, Misaskim volunteers in Williamsburg participated in a momentous event – the opening of the organization’s new garage. The Williamsburg division of Misaskim – a unique community organization that caters to the needs of individuals coping with the stress of bereavement – takes on an important role in Misaskim’s operations. Its Williamsburg volunteers oversee all Shiva G’mach operations in Williamsburg, Manhattan, Crown Heights, and the Lower East Side. The new garage will allow Misaskim to store essential equipment in these neighborhoods and thus hasten delivery and other services to grieving families residing there.

The Karlsburg Rav, Rabbi Yeckezkel Roth, Shlita honored the volunteers on Thursday night by attending the garage’s dedication ceremony. The Rav put up the mezuzot at the new facility and gave renewed moral support to Misaskim volunteers in their daily chesed activities. The Rav’s son, Rabbi Moshe Roth Shlita, reinforced the Rav’s message with his Torah insights, which he delivered at the event’s special siyum.

The two noted askanim, Rabbi Arye Leib Glanz and Rabbi Abe Friedman, also participated in the facility’s dedication ceremony. They praised the volunteers for their selfless and tireless efforts to support and strengthen families in Williamsburg regardless of the time of day. In fact, most volunteers sacrifice precious family time after a long day of work at their “regular” jobs.

Misaskim’s directors Rabbi Yanky Meyer and Rabbi Meyer Weill emphasized that Misaskim could not have accomplished its successful implementation of the community services the organization currently provides without the practical day-to-day work carried out by Misaskim’s team of dedicated volunteers.

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