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Friday, July 1, 2022

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Israel War on Gaza

Dear Jewish Voice Editor,

The United States, Great Britain, and Russia all request Israel’s “restraint” in their current war of defense against continued missile attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza.

I have a simple question for each:

If there were a MexiHamas firing missiles into the United States, would our reaction be “restraint”?

If there were a ScotchiHamas firing missiles into London, would England “restrain” herself?

If the Chechens were firing rockets into the Kremlin, would Putin utilize restraint?

Would either of these countries be asking each other to restrain themselves?

The answers are all self-evident.

Best regards,

William K. Langfan

Palm Beach, Florida


Smoke and Mirrors

Dear Jewish Voice Editor,

Considering how hard hit the Iranian economy is, I wonder how they’re going to be able to sustain all this military equipment, especially in that harsh environment. The North Koreans have managed to keep starving people at bay, but Iran’s history is no stranger to revolutions by ticked off Persians. The Arab Spring seems to be a desire to return to the 60’s. I just don’t see Iran going to war because it would just speed up the exit of the conservatives currently in place.

Eric Benetii


Responses to Article on Ivanka Trump


Neither Ivanka Trump nor her father are true to life. She and her father are crooks, and her and her dad’s lawyer should be disbarred. He never owned Trump Tower NYC and the Mayor of the city also covers for them. Trump never really owned anything in New York, he tried to steal what he can; check with Mr. Vance, the NYC District Attorney.

Bruce Nelson


Maybe you missed the photos of Ms. Ivanka Trump posing in a Playboy bunny outfit while she was pregnant. What kind of Orthodox Jewish woman would dress in such an inappropriate manner? The fake kind.


To the Editor,

Your article about the massive gathering of Chabad-Lubavitch rabbinical emissaries in New York filled me with pride and optimism for the future of the Jewish people. While admittedly the movement is not perfect – the stubborn embrace by many of its adherents to a belief in the late Rebbe as a “living” Moshiach is anathema to other religious Jews – we must nevertheless deeply appreciate the willingness of so many Lubavitchers to travel to far-flung locations around the globe in order to fan the flames of Torah Judaism and inspire their fellow Jews to take on mitzvah observance. Most of us would never have the fortitude to take on such herculean challenges. Yasher Koach to those who do.

Yossi Beilinson


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