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Israeli Embassy in Denmark Attacked, Vandalized

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Anti-Israel demonstrators gathered outside the Israeli embassy in Denmark, throwing fireworks and spraying the embassy walls with graffiti.

Anti-Israel demonstrators gathered outside of the Israeli embassy in Denmark, throwing fireworks and spraying the embassy walls with graffiti.

Some 20 protesters assembled outside the embassy in Hellerup Sunday evening and spray-painted the words “Child killers” on the white walls that surround the Israeli diplomatic mission.

“There were between 20 and 30 people that congregated by the embassy sporting a Palestinian flag,” Henrik Olsen, police spokesperson for Copenhagen Police, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

“They have thrown Roman candles and maybe some rocks as well. They’ve definitely thrown something,” he said. “And they’ve also graffiti-sprayed the embassy walls.”

Of the 20 people the police managed to identify, only one was detained. Authorities noted, however, that the names of the other 19 perpetrators have been documented, as part of the vandalism investigation.

“We stopped 20 people when we arrived and one of them was detained because he had a spray can and he fit the description from some surveillance,” Olsen told Jyllands-Posten.

Meanwhile reports emerged that a man attacked security guards at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv with a knife and an axe.

“A suspect came to the US embassy at 11:00 a.m. with a knife and an axe and attacked a security guard,” spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP, saying the guard was injured in the leg, prompting his colleagues to open fire.

The unidentified attacker was not hurt, but has been detained by Israeli police.

In addition, hundreds of protesters demonstrated near the Israeli embassy in London on Saturday, waving placards and chanting slogans like “From London to Ramallah organise the intifada”.

The attacks on the diplomatic missions come in light of Operation Defensive Shield, which Israel launched in response to the unremitting rocket attacks on the State of Israel by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

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