Israel Pioneers Use of New Liver Cancer Treatment


Medical experts in Israel have developed a new method for treating patients stricken with liver cancer. The pioneering procedure enables surgeons to utilize electrical current to extract malignant tumors from the patient’s body.

The first actual implementation of the breakthrough treatment occurred about one month ago at Hadassah University Hospital-Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, when surgeons applied a direct flow of high-voltage electrical currents to the tumor on 55-year-old Louis Saznovsky’s liver. “The method does not generate excessive heat or cold in the body,” explained Hadassah surgeon Dr. Mohamed Faroja, who was trained in the new procedurein a British hospital, “and can therefore be applied close to blood vessels and vital organs without harming them.”

Saznovsky, who received the frightening news that he had a cancerous growth on his liver last year, commented, “Since the growth was attached to blood vessels, they explained to me that it would be difficult to reach and remove it. Without surgery, there was no other way to treat me.”

Employing the only possible form of treatment, Hadassah’s surgeons used “irreversible electroporation,” a procedure that only requires a few minutes while the patient is under complete anesthetic. Since Israel began to use the life-saving method, more than 200 of these operations have been performed around the world.

The operation in Israel, carried out with the assistance of Professor Nahum Goldberg and Dr. Liat Applebaum, was determined to be a complete success.

“Already on the day after the operation we knew it was successful, and there were only a few scars where the tumor once was,” exclaimed Saznovsky. “I feel good today and have even gone back to work.” The greatly relieved patient added, “After the operation, Hadassah Director-General Professor Ehud Kokia visited me and I thanked him for saving my life.”


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