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Esteemed Conservative Commentator Monica Crowley Speaks Her Mind at Restoration Weekend in Florida

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Respected rightwing commentator Monica Crowley wowed the crowd at the Restoration Weekend with her call for an invigorated conservative movement in the United States.The following is an edited transcript of a speech delivered by popular conservative commentator Monica Crowley at the recently held Restoration Weekend, a gathering of politically rightwing movers and shakers organized by David Horowitz, publisher of and head of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Everybody in this room is an American patriot. We are all fighting for this country. We are now relying on a dwindling group of conservatives on Capitol Hill. I know these are tough times for Conservatives, especially on Capitol Hill, given the Republican establishment, given our leadership on Capitol Hill. Everybody is running scared.

All right. Let’s get this party started. And by “party,” I mean, not just this room, although we are a party. And I don’t mean the Republican Party, although G-d knows that needs a hell of a lot of help and a hell of a lot of work. I mean the Conservative movement. And we’ve got to get this party started, because I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being at a wake.

The title of my book, What the Bleep Just Happened? — now more than ever we need to ask that question, “What the bleep just happened?” There are many parts to this answer and I want to break it down because we need to be armed with the truth because we’re facing at least another four years of this. So we need to be reminded of what we are up against and what we are fighting against and what we are fighting for.

The short answer is that what the bleep just happened is that this country was taken over by the Star Wars Cantina. You know what I’m talking about, right? This country is now being run by the Star Wars Cantina. Every far left group, every radical, every Communist, every filthy Occupy Wall Street hippie, every abortion-on-demand sicko, every anti-American revolutionary who wants to take America down a notch or two or ten, every bearded anarchist. Every aspect of America is now controlled by the Star Wars Cantina.

Alien forms, and I do mean alien forms because their philosophies, these people are fundamentally anti-American. And we cannot be afraid to say it. They are anti-…oh, are you calling the President anti-American? I’m calling his philosophy anti-American, because it is. And they now control every aspect of America. They control the White House. They control the State Department. They control the Justice Department. They control every aspect of the Executive Branch, of course. They control the US Senate. They control the media, which is now completely corrupt, with a few pockets of exception. They control academia. They control entertainment. They control every part of the culture.

So when we now say we are outnumbered, we are. Because over many decades the conservative movement was interested in just a couple of things — fiscal responsibility, the Constitution, the really important stuff. And while we were interested in the really important stuff, in trying to protect and defend the Constitution, and those great foundational principles that have always made America great, the left was burrowing in through every aspect of our society and our culture, grabbing control of the college campuses, grabbing control of entertainment.

And that’s how you really weave their way in. This is what the Communists did from the very beginning. 1950s Communist infiltration— everybody was focused on Alger Hiss. What they were doing under the radar was even more important, burrowing in to every aspect of our culture to bring us down from within.

And now what we have is that these people are no longer in the shadows. These people are right in front of us. They are leading us. And what are they doing with all of this power? They are fundamentally transforming the nation. Not my words, Barack Obama’s words — “the fundamental transformation of the nation.” What Obama did that was so brilliant four years ago was when he started talking about fundamental transformation — and he used a couple of other phrases, too, all meaning the same thing. He’d talk about remaking America. He talked about achieving a, quote, more perfect union.

What he did was throw those phrases out and then stand back and allow the American people to supply their own meanings to what we thought he meant by that. And so the American people, who don’t pay close enough attention to the reality, supplied their own meanings, thought, “Oh, we’ll finally get rid of George W. Bush,” or, “The economy is falling apart, so we’ll get somebody new who’s going to fix it.” Or the historical moment of the first black president. People supplied their own meaning to fundamental transformation.

What we have to recognize is, don’t pay attention to what you think he meant. Pay attention to what he meant by fundamental transformation. And now we have four years of evidence as to what he meant by that fundamental transformation. And it is wholly anti-American.

For decades, the far left progressives have been at this — Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, straight up through 2008. And they have made enormous progress in establishing huge redistributive pillars in this country, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. But it wasn’t until 1968, and I write about this in my book, where the far left extremists took over the Democratic Party. It’s a very important distinction that everybody in this room needs to be aware of so we can spread it far and wide. What you see with Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and so many others — this is not your father’s or grandfather’s Democratic Party.

Barack Obama is not Harry Truman, who dropped the A-bomb on Japan to stop World War II. Barack Obama is not John F. Kennedy, who lowered marginal tax rates to get economic growth and job creation. Barack Obama and the far left, they are a completely different ball of wax. It is fundamentally anti-American to fundamentally transform America away from what has always made America great. That’s the point.

In fact, when the election results started coming in, I thought, “None of this makes any sense.” And I’m sure you had this — I’m sure you’re still experiencing this because it’s completely surreal. But not a single election result that came in made any sense whatsoever.

What? What the bleep just happened? So from the reelection of Barack Obama all the way down to not winning North Carolina, not winning the state of Florida. To California — California voters voting to raise taxes on themselves. None of it made any sense.

And what I thought on Election night, crying for my country, was that there was something bigger than voting going on here. And we will talk about what we need to do on the ground. And we will talk about the grass roots and how we are now going to really struggle to get our country back. Because, you know what? The battle just got a heck of a lot tougher and that hill just got a heck of lot steeper. That doesn’t mean we don’t fight. We do. But the battle in front of us now just got a lot worse, and a lot tougher.

1968, the Democratic Party gets hijacked by the far left. They take full control of one of the two major political parties in America. And after 1968 they start nominating far left extremists for the presidency.

So we get George McGovern. We get Walter Mondale. We get Michael Dukakis. We get Al Gore. We get John Kerry. All kooks. And none of them could get elected president because America has always been a center-right country. Now, I’m exempting Jimmy Carter from this because Watergate was an aberration and that was a separate situation. But from 1968 the only time the Democratic Party did not nominate a kook, they won the presidency not once, but twice, and that was Bill Clinton.

But Bill Clinton was a pragmatist. Bill Clinton wanted to survive. And Bill Clinton wanted to thrive, not just for himself, although that’s primarily what drives Bill Clinton. He’s a classic narcissist. So of course he wanted to thrive and succeed. But he also wanted America to thrive and succeed, which is why he worked with a Republican Congress. Bill Clinton is a classic old school Southern pragmatic Democrat.

Barack Obama is a far-left extremist, of the kind that took over his party in 1968. And from ’68 on, again, none of these far-left extremists could get elected. It wasn’t until they found their perfect marriage of man and mission in Barack Obama that they were able to grab the brass ring of the presidency, huge majorities in the Congress, and do what they had been dying to do for decades, which is complete that fundamental transformation of the nation.

Remember, they have been putting up these redistributive pillars throughout history — Social Security, Medicare, and so on. The one thing that was missing? Healthcare, in a broad way that would include every American. Because if the government controls your healthcare, the government controls you.

That’s why he spent the first year and a half doing this. The American people were screaming for jobs and economic growth when he came in in January of 2009. What does he do? Classic leftist move; it’s all illusion. It’s all Alinsky packets. It’s all to keep people distracted.

And now we are in a situation where we have a much tougher battle ahead of us. I came across this quote from Ronald Reagan. He said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on to them for them to do the same. Or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Has that day arrived? Are we here now? Are we now looking in the rearview mirror at what once made America free and great? I am a firm believer in dealing in reality. It’s all nice to say, “Okay, you know, we’re still a central-right country.” I’m not so sure we are. I am not entirely convinced that we are.

The progressives have worked on this grand project for decades, as I said. Barack Obama and the far left Alinsky-ites and Chicago thugs he brought in with him have moved us to that tipping point that they have strived for, for so many decades.

Barack Obama and the far left, when they came in in 2009, they realized they had a short opportunity to accelerate this country to the tipping point. First thing Obama does, he comes in and they realized that in order to take down the American free market system they have to take down the four key pillars of the US economy. So they went after the industrial base with the cars. They went after the financial sector with the banks. They went after the healthcare sector with Obamacare. And they went after the energy sector.

And if you succeed in destroying American capitalism or so weakening it that it can’t function, then you destroy global capitalism because we’re it. And that is the point. And, again, if you take down American capitalism or so gravely weaken it, you take down global capitalism. And, again, that’s the objective.

So Obama goes in. He attacks the four main pillars of the US economy. And no opposition, except from the Tea Party. The American media is so corrupt nobody raises an eyebrow that all of this is happening. .

In my book, every page has some piece of leftist madness, progressive insanity, anti-American — an anti-American assault on this country. Because every day that Obama has been President he has inflicted one or many of those on us. And yet, no resistance except from heroes and heroines like Allen West and Michele Bachmann. But remember what the ultimate objective is. You grow government as fast and as widely as possible. And the objective of that is to make as many people dependent on government as possible.

Us normal Americans look at this economic situation and see a total disaster, a catastrophe — high unemployment, anemic economic growth, unprecedented spending, record breaking deficits and debt, socialized medicine that’s going to break the bank, record numbers of people in poverty, 50 million as of this week, 48 million people on food stamps, another record. We normal Americans look at this and see a disaster. Obama and the far left look at this and see a wild success.

Obama never breaks a sweat. Why? Because this is all by design. He needs to perpetuate the crappy economy. He needs people out of work. He needs the chaos to sow the dependency. You get an endless feedback loop. The more people dependent on government the more justification you have for growing government and giving government more and more power and control over every American’s life. And, remember, the ultimate objective of both of those things is to create a permanent Democrat voting majority.

And what the Republicans need to be arguing, which, it’s such a common sense thing which every American can get, is all of these other issues — birth control, war on women, abortion — all of it, none of it matters if we are all dead. Defense is number one. And that’s the only thing he’s been willing to cut.

Eleven million new poor voters for them to get us not just across the tipping point but so far past it that you’ll never get a Republican President again. You’ll never get a Ronald Reagan, or you’ll never even get a George W. Bush. Forget it, it’s over.

This is not a racial divide. This is not about appealing or even pandering to Latino voters by doing amnesty or open borders or whatever the heck is being bandied about now to try to get Latinos to pay attention. This is a dependency problem. This is a government dependency problem. It doesn’t matter what race. And don’t think for one second that Barack Obama and the far left don’t know that. We have to tackle the roots of government dependency.

When Mitt Romney said, “Well, the other side essentially won because of all of the gifts” — he used the word “gifts” — all the gifts that Barack Obama and the far left are giving to minorities, to minorities, to black voters and Hispanic voters and women, he was absolutely right.

Now, he got criticized because he said it out loud. But you know, what, guys? We have to deal in reality. I’m sick and tired of the political correctness and, oh, he shouldn’t have used the word “gifts” and he shouldn’t have said “47%.” Deal in reality. The other side is Santa Claus. The other side is giving away all of these gifts. It’s called government dependency. It’s called social welfare programs.

We have nothing to lose here. Our backs are against the wall here. And the founding fathers and every generation that has come before us, they’re counting on us. I hear Thomas Jefferson, I hear George Washington. I hear them. I hear the voices of the Greatest Generation, who I’ve loved and respect so much, who fought for this country in World War II, every military veteran. I hear them in my head, saying, “Fight for this, as tough as it’s going to be.”

So many of our politicians don’t spend any time thinking, because they’re constantly raising money. They’re constantly in front of the cameras. What we need in this country are strategic thinkers in the Conservative movement. And this doesn’t just mean folks on Capitol Hill. This means us. We need time to think.

Second thing is that rather than look to the Republican establishment which is, for all intents and purposes, worthless, pointless, useless, meaningless – focus on the Tea Party, on the Conservative movement. And focus on groups, groups like the Freedom Center and David Horowitz. Support them however you can. Groups like Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, who are all doing great, on-the-ground grassroots.

Now has this country become so corrupted after the tipping point that we can’t get it back? No, I don’t believe that. I’m back to being a Happy Warrior. I’ve shed enough tears and I’m ready to rock and roll. I’m ready to take this country back and I think we can still do it.

We don’t have much time, though, because remember, Obama won by 50.6%, so enough past the tipping point to get him elected, but still not enough to make it permanent. We have a window of opportunity here to bring America back, but we have to move fast.

We now know we cannot count on the Presidency, we cannot count on the Congress, and we cannot count on the Judiciary to stop any of this. It’s up to us to do it. It’s up to the founders’ fourth branch to do it. And as we navigate this new America in order to try to bring our country back, it is going to be exhausting and a long haul.

But think about the generations that came before us that faced huge challenges — the founding fathers, that revolutionary first generation of Americans, through the Greatest Generation. And now it’s our turn. It’s our turn to be, in a different way, America’s Greatest Generation. And I have faith we can do it because we’re Americans. We’re Americans, baby.

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