Warwick Hotel Caters to Dictators ...for the Second Year Running - The Jewish Voice
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Warwick Hotel Caters to Dictators …for the Second Year Running

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The Warwick New York Hotel, the place for visiting Mid-Eastern despots.Apparently the folks at the Warwick Hotel believe that the returns from hosting a would-be genocidal dictator are worth more than the negative publicity such an act brings. We at the Jewish Voice call upon our readers to help us prove them wrong!

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is speaking at the U.N. again this month, but that certainly doesn’t mean he needs to receive luxury accommodations in the heart of Manhattan. It’s shameful enough that Iran’s lunatic-in-chief, who simultaneously denies the Holocaust yet has publicly, repeatedly declared his dedication to usher in a second one, is allowed on American soil at all! But that any self-respecting business owners would roll out the red carpet for the mamzer is just baffling, from a moral and a business standpoint.

Did we mention that this is the second time they’ve done this?

Spread the word: Ahmedinejad may not be welcome in the rest of New York, but the Warwick Hotel is happy to allow him the use of their luxury accommodations. Don’t like it? Let them know! As far as we’re concerned, if it takes repeated e-mails, phone calls, and public shaming to get them to do the right thing, so be it.

We urge the Warwick Hotel to join civilized society and provide no quarter(s) for this madman. Force him to stay in New Jersey—that seems like fitting punishment. (Just kidding, New Jersey! You know we love you.)



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