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Friday, July 1, 2022

“Spontaneous” Combustion

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The wave of terror sweeping the Mid-East has two sets of victims: Those murdered by the “protestors,” and those living in the Arab countries who aren’t completely out of their minds (like the gent pictured above). We don’t think it’s degrading to either to feel sympathy for both.So, earlier this month, on September 11, hundreds of Egyptian malcontents swarmed the American Embassy in Cairo, scaled its walls, tore down the U.S. flag and raised an Islamist one in its place. The protestors themselves would have us believe that this is a more or less spontaneous outburst inspired by an anti-Islam film, which, though it wasn’t produced or in any way condoned by the U.S. government, was made by people in the United States, so that’s pretty much the same thing, right?

Since, the Cairo demonstration, protests have spread across the Arab world like wildfire, claiming several lives, mostly American diplomats. And we’re supposed to believe that these acts were spontaneous manifestations of outrage, and just happened to be spurred by this movie (on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attacks ever carried out on U.S. soil, no less). The last time I remember being fed a line like that, it was Palestinian officials discussing the second terrorist mini-war (better known as the “Intifada,” a term we prefer not to use at the JV as it conjures up imagery of a noble uprising against an oppressive military force, as opposed to the bombings of crowded restaurants and school buses that were, in actuality, the “freedom fighters’” real bread and butter). You see, a series of suspiciously well-coordinated and violent demonstrations occurred, ostensibly because then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon set foot on the Temple Mount.

Now, our readers tend to be of the sharp-witted, analytical type, so we won’t insult your intelligence, dear reader, by explaining the difference between a cause and an excuse. But we know an excuse when we see one. All this rage boiling over across North Africa, in the Sinai, and even among Israeli Arabs because what? An American clergyman (whose actions have been repeatedly condemned by the U.S. government) got together with a couple of Egyptians to make a film that was insulting to Muslims’ religious sensibilities?

Let’s see if we’ve got this right…. They didn’t like that a film characterized their religion and its founder negatively, so they’ll prove their detractors wrong by staging riots in several countries, and murdering some innocent people?

Personally, we’d be far more offended by murders committed in the name of exonerating the faith, than by a B-movie made by some foreign crackpot. But hey, that’s just us. We have the advantage of not being totally insane.

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