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A Rosh HaShanah Message ‘From the President’

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[The author of the article below is an adjunct professor of history at Touro College, and a regularly featured op-ed columnist at Israel’s Arutz Sheva. Mr. Domnitch is the author of two books, and is currently completing a third, about World War I and the Jews. In the following satirical piece, he brings us a “special Rosh Hashanah message” from the White House. Only, instead of giving President Obama’s talking points on Israel, this message reflects the current administration’s actual Mid-East policy, or at least the policy implied by Barack Obama’s deeds as president. –ed.]

My Fellow Americans,

As the Jewish New Year 5773 approaches, it is a time for reflection and introspection. I can only marvel at my administration’s many accomplishments in the Middle East. The Arab Spring in which my administration was so engaged has produced radical Islamic dictatorships whose brutality will far surpass their predecessors. In Egypt alone, multitudes of Christians are fleeing in fear of their lives. Churches are being burnt down to the ground and worshippers slaughtered. Tunisia and Libya have also becoming radical Islamic regimes. In Syria, a Jihadist revolt motivated by the Arab Spring is being ruthlessly suppressed by President Assad causing a massive blood bath. All this is happening while Hezbollah remains a heavily armed, ever present terror threat in the region.

The Palestinian Authority continues to indoctrinate its population with the ideology of Jihad and hatred for Israel while missiles lobbed from Gaza still reign down upon Israeli cities in southern Israel. Regarding Iran, a revolution, like the recent ones in the Middle East, took place thirty-three years ago. Thus no intervention was warranted when the Green Movement rose up in their struggle for democracy three years ago.

The nations of the Middle East are truly becoming a confederacy of nations, a Jihadocracy, if you will.

We must continue to move forward and press for peace. I can sense that it is near, but there are some impediments to its realization. Several months ago, I told some rabbinic leaders who visited the White House that they should search their souls if they really want peace. It is indeed time for unreasonable suspicions to end. Remember; bombings, suicide attacks, assaults with deadly weapons, along with the fear of walking your streets, going to the grocery store, and driving on your roads, is the price you have to pay for peace, and sometimes to achieve peace, sacrifices need to be made …by Israel, I mean.

I recently expressed regret that under my administration, the peace process has not made the kind of progress I would have liked. I admitted that I did not succeed in bringing peace, but I also added that the parties themselves must show interest and thereby I had actually laid the blame at the feet of others. I did my part; looking the other way as Hamas became a partner in the Palestinian Authority and ignoring anti-Israel comments by PA leaders. Now the Israelis must do their part.

You may have noticed that the Democratic National Convention platform initially omitted any reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Even after the platform was changed, there was still no mention of recognition of Israel’s rights to defensible borders as found in past convention platforms. Nor was there any mention of the right of Israel not to absorb the Arab refugees as a result of the Arab/Israeli conflict. But does it really matter? So what if Israel’s population centers would be exposed to attacks with terrorists operating within close proximity? And what’s the problem with Arab refugees overcrowding Israel and outnumbering the Jews?

I ask for your continued support in the next election and if re-elected, I in return, will ratchet up the pressure upon Israel to make the necessary concessions which, as I have stated in the past, includes Israel’s withdrawal to pre-1967 lines. This would enable the Arabs to get along so amicably with the Israelis as they had in the past before that 1967 war.

So, for the coming year I call upon Jewish citizens to seek peace, no matter how tenuous, and ignore the risks involved.

Best wishes for a Shana Tova,

-Barack Hussein Obama

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