Wealthy Jewish ‘Playboy’ Sued After Running Over Cop’s Foot with Ferrari


A screencap of the YouTube video shows Julien Chabbot climbing into his car to drive away as NYPD Officer Felix Recio writes him a ticket for a parking violation, moments before Chabbott drove over Recio’s foot.Being a well-to-do, famous, and under 30 can be a heady combination. One that may lead to significantly impaired judgment, as we’re about to see.

After running over the foot of New York City Police Officer Felix Recio, Julien Chabbott—known as boyfriend to The Hills’ star Stephanie Pratt—is being sued for 10 million dollars for the vehicular assault. Chabbott, co-creator of the iPhone app, Line Snob, and a Vassar College graduate allegedly gave the officer attitude when he saw his quarter-million-dollar Ferrari 458 Spider about to be ticketed for being parked at a no-standing zone.

He stepped into his car, disregarding the cop’s orders and began to drive away, allegedly running over the officer’s foot in the process. Chabbott was then forced out of his 458 Spider with the help of fellow police officers and pinned to the ground. All this occurred on Mercer St. in SoHo, on August 5. Chabbott’s girlfriend stood by the car and talked to the police officers, trying to restore calm. She later drove the Ferrari away as cops took Chabbott in. The policeman’s left arm and foot were injured from the incident.

The pedestrian that filmed the occurrence, Damien Morys, happened to be admiring the Ferrari when the altercation took place. He later uploaded the video to YouTube, and since then, got over 11 million views. Morys wrote on his post, ““I was walking around Soho, NYC today when I stumbled upon this Ferrari 458 Spider with a cop writing a ticket next to it. I started to record the situation because I thought it’d make a cool video, little did I know what I was in for.”


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