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Tischler Gets Hikind Bumped from GOP Ballot Line

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New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (above) was removed from the Republican ballot line for the upcoming election after the New York State Supreme Court ruled in favor of a petition by challenger Moshe Tischler, which called into question the validity of signatures collected in support of Hikind’s candidacy.New York State Supreme Court Justice David Schmidt ruled on Monday in favor of Assembly candidate Moshe Tischler and ordered the Board of Elections to remove longtime state assemblyman Dov Hikind from the Republican ballot line for November’s election.

Justice Schmidt certified a report from the Court-appointed Special Referee that found that Hikind failed to collect sufficient legitimate signatures necessary to earn a spot on the GOP line. The Supreme Court referee established on Thursday that Hikind had over 344 illegitimate signatures purportedly for the Republican line.

“Justice Schmidt ruled in favor of those who honestly follow the rules”, stated Moshe Tischler, who is competing for Hikind’s seat. “For too long, career politicians like Dov Hikind have tried to game the system and play by their own rules. Today’s ruling serves as an important reminder that those seeking public office must strictly follow the laws governing ballot access or face the consequences.”

The court’s finding was not contested by Assemblyman Hikind.

The 20-year old Moshe Tischler and his brother Abraham both announced their candidacies for office this year, as reported previously—by the Jewish Voice—with Abraham’s eye toward the State Senate seat representing the new “Super Jewish” District.

Moshe received the backing of the School Choice Party, and will be facing off against Hikind next month in the 48th Assembly District’s Democratic Primary.

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