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Shomrim Help Catch Boro Park Bandit

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Rabbi Yehezkel Zion (center) with the BP Shomrim and Assemblyman Hikind (on right).  (Photo credit: Shimon Gifter)Receive Commendation from Hikind

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) had nothing but the highest praise on Tuesday for the Boro Park Shomrim and their dedication and diligence in apprehending the Brooklyn man who is alleged to have been behind a string of robberies in Boro Park and Flatbush. An expensive silver menorah, an esrog box and a megilla case were among the dozens of items recovered by police after the Shomrim led law enforcement officers from the 66th police precinct to the culprit’s trail.

Assemblyman Hikind had visited the home of Rabbi Yehezkel Zion and his family last week when Mr. Zion notified the Assemblyman that he’d been burglarized. “This lovely family was terrified and rightly so,” said the Assemblyman. “It was more than just the articles missing from their home—it was the fact that someone had been there walking around while they and their children were sleeping. Sadly, even in the best neighborhoods, an unsecure door or window is an invitation to a thief.”

Hikind said neighborhood Shomrim went above and beyond in their search for the culprit. “The police made the arrest but it was the Shomrim’s detective work that brought the culprit to justice,” he explained. “Our community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the hundreds of community volunteers who make up the Shomrim.”

Assemblyman Hikind called special attention to Shomrim leaders Yanky Daskal, Motti Katz and Simcha Bernath, whose dedication to our safety, he said, should bring everyone here a little more peace of mind.

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