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Maturing Skin

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A typical assortment of skincare products.If you are in your twenties or thirties, you may be surprised to find yourself among those with maturing skin. Surely, you thought, you’d be in your forties or fifties before you’d be on the lookout for the effects of age to manifest themselves on your skin! Well, not necessarily.

What maturing skin means is that for some reason—be it sun damage, smoking, or high levels of stress—your skin is starting to “act old,” and this has nothing to do with the age it says on your birth certificate. By “acting old” we mean that your skin may be starting to lose its natural glow or its elasticity. It’s likely to be developing more lines and wrinkles than you would like. This can begin as early as your mid twenties or thirties [blame it on those long days sun tanning at the beach when you were a teenager]. The good news is that you can slow down the process.

If your skin is maturing you probably think that cleansing your skin is the least of your worries. After all, you are past the oily blemish stage of breaking out. However cleansing your skin with the proper products can actually help reduce some of the signs of ageing! Choose a cleanser that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids as these help increase cell replacement which slows on maturing skin, reducing its  radiance. They also help clean and shrink open pores, which become more noticeable with age. Be sure to use a coordinating toner which will remove bacteria and help close the pores. Once a week use a gentle exfoliating scrub. Look for one that adds moisture and humidity to your complexion at the same time.

Another way you can slow down the signs of maturing skin is to use a very emollient moisturizer. You should be aiming to replace lost oils and water. The more hydrated the skin is, the less noticeable lines and wrinkles will appear. If your skin feels dry an hour or two after it is applied, that means your moisturizer is not rich enough. So choose a rich cream that will provide oil and attract moisture to the skin. When you are applying moisturizer don’t stop with the face.

The neck is the first area to show aging, yet most of us ignore it. There are creams made especially for the neck area. Creams that contain vitamin A [also referred to as retinols], and vitamin C are beneficial to the skin. Now don’t think you are done just because you applied a moisturizer in the morning. Make sure you apply a rich eye cream before bedtime. Using a serum before you sleep will condition your skin during the night. A serum containing vitamin C or a peptide serum will benefit your skin. If you are in your forties, add a night cream over the serum. You will notice how your skin glows the next day. The more you moisturize your skin, the less you will wrinkle.

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