Free Wi-Fi Coming Soon to Jewish Communities in Southern Brooklyn


Responding to announcements from the Bloomberg Administration that free Wi-Fi is coming to parks and open spaces where many locals congregate, New York state Assemblymember William Colton, D-Brooklyn) has blasted the Mayor on shortchanging the Southern part of Brooklyn.

Mayor Bloomberg has provided Manhattan with most locations for free Wi-Fi and now, says Colton, it is time to share the free Wi-fi to the ocean front communities of Brooklyn that have been ignored up until now.

The City recently opened free Wi-Fi locations at former phone booths by attaching high-powered antennas, allowing mobile phone users to connect to the internet within 500 feet of these locations.

Assemblyman Colton contacted New York City’s Parks and Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe, who will be leaving office soon to work on the national stage, requesting more coverage for Southern Brooklyn. The Parks Department has responded that they are planning to provide free Wi-fi service to the southern coastal communities of Marine Park, Brighton Beach and Coney Island including boardwalk and beaches.