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Attacks on Adelson a Sign of Obama’s Desperation

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Last week, the New York Times ran yet another article on their favorite “whipping boy,” casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

It seems like Mr. Adelson has repeatedly made the pages of the purported “paper of record” not on the merit of his remarkable accomplishments and his exceptional charitable endeavors, but because “Team Obama” is displaying clear signs of desperation during this presidential election season.

Jewish Voice readers know that Sheldon Adelson is a long-time and stalwart supporter of Israel; a magnanimous man who supports an extensive network of charitable organizations that foster positive growth in Israeli society. He is also someone who deeply cares about the outcome of the 2012 presidential race and has contributed millions of dollars to such candidates as Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

As a newspaper that is dedicated to advancing a liberal and leftist agenda, The Times it is being called upon by Obama’s supporters to shine its light on Adelson; and lacking any concrete evidence, has essentially indicted him as a corrupt, underhanded, and ruthless businessman who is not just concerned with personal profits but with shaping the U.S.-China political agenda. Some heavy duty charges are being leveled against Adelson such as bribery of Chinese government officials, using his connections with Members of Congress to allow China to host the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008, turning a blind eye to Chinese organized crime activities taking place at his casino in China, a disregard for human rights abuses in China, allowing prostitution to take place at his casino in China, among others.

Now that the FBI has entered the fray with their own investigation which was predicated upon a wrongful-termination suit being brought against Adelson’s corporation by a disgruntled employee, one can only imagine the scurrilous accusations that will be hurled at Romney by the Obama campaign through the use of television ads and in future scheduled debates between the candidates. It does not take all that much wisdom to deduce that President Obama knows he’s in big trouble at the polls. As the numbers shift in favor of the GOP with each passing day, the president is beginning to sweat bullets. Rather than debating Romney on the issues, he is seeking to dry up a source of major contributions for the Massachusetts governor. If he can tie Romney to someone that the New York Times would like to smear as an “underworld figure,” a paradigm of graft and callous capitalism, he’s hoping to force Romney to cut ties to Adelson and hit him where it hurts: in the wallet.

It’s a dirty trick, dragging the name of a respected businessman and philanthropist through the mud for political gain, and we at the Jewish Voice hope that the American people won’t fall for it.

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