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Thursday, May 19, 2022

UN Gives Iranian Foxes the Keys to Arms Control Henhouse

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Reaffirming its moral bankruptcy and strategic ineptitude once again, the UN has commenced this year’s Arms Trade Treaty Conference. The conference, as the name suggests, has been assembled in the hopes of putting together a treaty that would allow for the effective regulation of the international arms trade, and to prevent unlawful weapons transfers. And who do they elect to help lead the conference? Why, Iran, of course!

In related news, the U.N. has elected the representative of Transylvania (a high-ranking nobleman, I think he’s a duke, or a count) to administer the new international blood bank. Also, Ronald McDonald has just been named the U.N. High Commissioner for Health and Fitness.  And Syria is running for a seat on the UN’s Human Rights Committee. Wait, what? That last one is actually happening? Well, I guess the UN has finally done it; they’ve made political satire obsolete. Honestly, that thing about Syria would be great comedy, but thousands of dead civilians make for a decidedly unfunny punchline.

Directing our attention back to Iran for a moment, it doesn’t take a PhD in International Geopolitics to understand why letting Ahmedinejad’s henchmen play a role in regulating the international arms trade is a bad idea. They persist in an illegal nuclear arms program, and we make them an authority on conventional arms? Not to mention that they’ve been feeding a steady supply of munitions to the Assad dictatorship throughout the uprising.

Hillel Neuer said it best: This move by the UN “defies logic, morality and common sense.” But then again, since when has the United Nations been known for any of those things? Must have been before our time.

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