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Tickle-Me Eichmann

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So a guy dressed as a Sesame Street character walks into Central Park… and no, it’s not the set-up to a poorly-conceived joke, but rather, to what may be the most surreal news story of the year so far. For those of you who haven’t heard about it already, allow me to give you the gist of it. A man goes out in public dressed as Elmo, a popular character from a children’s program. This in itself is not so strange, as you see a lot of people dressed as giant puppets and cartoon characters in New York City. Sometimes, it’s in the hopes of posing for photos with tourists in exchange for tips, like a more depressing version of Disneyland.

Sometimes, it’s Halloween, or there’s a sci-fi convention in town, or, I don’t know, some kind of pride parade? My point is, guy in an Elmo costume, a little strange, but not so weird for NYC. Moving on.

What makes this Elmo so different from the tickle-me variety, was that he was carried away in an ambulance, in handcuffs, after a deranged, anti-Semitic rant late last month. And if you think that’s as weird as it gets, you obviously aren’t from around here. It turns out that Elmo was deported from Cambodia, where he faced prosecution and a possible prison sentence for an obscene website he was running. We’ll spare you the particulars. Suffice it to say that when your website features things so horribly degrading that it offends the sensibilities of the country that gave us the Khmer Rouge, that’s pretty messed up. But wait, there’s some icing on this cake made of crazy. Turns out, the guy’s name is “Adam Sandler,” and that he had his first name legally changed to Adam, to escape the notoriety associated with the aforementioned website.
So to sum up: A lowlife runs an extremely sketchy website overseas, gets deported, comes to New York and makes headlines when publicly arrested after delivering a rant that would make Mel Gibson proud, while dressed as a character from Sesame Street. And this multi-talented Jew-hater just happens to share (by choice, mind you) a name with one of the most famous and (depending on who you ask) annoying Jews in America. We at the Jewish Voice couldn’t make this stuff up if we wanted to …and we have some very talented writers!

Why rehash this bizarre little vignette, this strange sample of the seedier side of city life? Honestly, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you, “Adam Sandler,” for reminding us all what sick, demented, pitiful individuals comprise the anti-Semite community. (Seriously, this guy is like a walking manifestation of the internet.) May your shining, blaring example encourage others, who are on the verge of buying in to anti-Semitic nonsense, to reassess their beliefs, and their major life decisions (e.g. “I would join the Aryan Brotherhood, but I just don’t want to be like that guy”). And may people like you always be the exception, and never the rule. To be mocked, shunned, or when warranted, treated by competent medical professionals.

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