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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Olive Branch

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Despite all the bellicose talk, we at the Jewish Voice really are more about the olive branch than the bayonet. We simply believe that both have their place. In light of our preference for peace, we would like to commend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent overtures towards Turkey (see page 3).

Mending the Israeli-Turkish alliance will no doubt be a long and painful process. The fact that a handful of Turks got themselves killed in the most idiotic way possible, trying to break a naval blockade, and the Turkish government decided to exacerbate the issue by rubbing Israel’s nose in it, certainly doesn’t help. But despite the stupidity repeatedly demonstrated by the Erdoğan regime, we’re still hoping against hope that deep down, they realize that Israel and Turkey are both better off as friends than as enemies. They face a common threat in Syria, and shared interests as the most modern states in the Middle East. If one can get over the fact that the other is run by Jews, we’ll all be just fine.

So kudos to Bibi for trying to be the bigger man. We just hope this opportunity isn’t lost on the Turks.

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