Fla. DNC Member Resigns After Anti-Israel Remarks

A member of the Democratic National Committee has resigned after apologizing for statements she made saying Israel’s West Bank policies were akin to acts of apartheid and enslavement.

Emails Evelyn Garcia sent in 2011 were leaked this week and discovered by South Florida Democrats. In one email, Garcia claimed “Slavery was ended, apartheid was ended and so this occupation must end.”

In another email, Garcia said the Palestinians were burdened with a “guilt trip” for the Holocaust.

“Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust and it’s about time this guilt trip was taken off their backs,” she wrote, according to World Jewish Daily.

“I deeply resent U.S. taxpayer funds being used to continue Israeli aggression,” she said, the Cleveland Jewish News further reported.

The recipient of Garcia’s emails was not identified.

Garcia herself is a Haitian American and was elected to the DNC in 2008.

She apologized for his words in a resignation statement to the DNC, and in a general message to the Palm Beach Post.

“In passionately advocating my position supporting the rights of people I felt were being harmed, I used language that I now regret,” she said in her letter to the DNC. “The gist of the conversation had to do with my concern for innocent people being oppressed, but such support for the oppressed does not diminish my support for the good people of Israel.”

“I apologize to anyone I offended and to my friends in the Democratic Party, in particular, members of the Jewish faith whom I have worked with for years,” she wrote to the Post.

Garcia is still one of the four remaining candidates for a House seat in her Florida district, which includes West Palm Beach and Rivera Beach. Palm Beach contains a large Jewish community.