Elad Yeshiva Student, Wife Arrested on Drug Charges

A married yeshiva student and his wife were arrested this past week in Elad on drug possession charges. The arrest came after police searched their home and found over 200 marijuana plants, as well as approximately 400 grams of the illegal substance. The wife contended that she had attempted to stop her husband from raising the plants – and had even brought in a rabbit, hoping it would consume them.
 The 37-year-old man and his 35-year-old wife were taken in by authorities based on suspicions of growing and dealing drugs. Rosh Ha’Ayin police who investigated the couple’s home found 210 marijuana plants in the children’s room.

During questioning, the suspect said that although he is regarded as a respected Torah scholar, he smokes marijuana to ease the serious discomfort he gets from various aches and pains. He also claimed that he tried to obtain medical approval to use the drug for health purposes, to no avail. 

In her concerted efforts to thwart her husband’s illicit habit, the wife employed the rabbit, which managed to damage some of the marijuana plants, and she discarded the pots used by her husband to cultivate the drug. Despite the ensuing arguments between the couple, the wife declined to file a report on the situation with the police.

In addition to the arrest, social services authorities removed the couple’s three children from the home and placed them with relatives. The husband and wife were remanded in Petach Tikva Magistrate’s Court for three days.


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