Canada Joins Call to Honor Israelis Slain at Munich - The Jewish Voice
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Canada Joins Call to Honor Israelis Slain at Munich

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Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, who wrote a letter to International Olympic Committee President Jacque Rogge regarding honoring the 11 Israelis killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Credit: PD.Canada is the latest country asking the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to pay tribute to 11 Israeli team members killed by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

The Canadian House of Commons unanimously voted Wednesday to call for a moment of silence in honor of the Israelis at this summer’s London Olympics, the 40th anniversary of their deaths.

Last month, the IOC rejected Israel’s request for a minute of silence at the start of the summer Olympics, saying it had paid tribute to the victims before. Earlier this month, the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a non-binding resolution by voice vote, with the measure asking for a moment of silence in London and at all future Olympics.

“Given the impact of this tragedy, on the Olympic community as a whole and the world, it should be marked publicly,” reads a recent letter from Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird to IOC President Jacque Rogge.

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