As App Economy Skyrockets, Innovative School Trains Developers

“This year, Apple flew by Exxon to become the biggest company in the world,” says Newton Academy founder Binyamin Bauman.Yaakov Relkin from Monsey, New York is a recent graduate of Newton Academy who is now earning a salary well into six figures as lead app developer for a large venture capital funded startup. Shimi Hochman, another recent graduate who runs his own thriving independent app development business, Simple Simon Apps, says “the investment I made in Newton Academy has already repaid itself many times over in the first year since I graduated.” Avi Mandelbaum had no background in computer programming, and never considered being an app developer until he heard about Newton Academy. “After graduating,” reports Avi, “I founded freelance app development shop LM Mobile with fellow graduate Eliezer Liebman. We already have quite a few ongoing projects, and a waiting list of clients.”

These are just a few of the success stories shared by graduates of Newton Academy, a revolutionary program training students for careers developing apps for smartphones and tablets like Apple’s’ iPhone and iPad, a job market where the average starting salary is about $90,000 a year.

“This year, Apple flew by Exxon to become the biggest company in the world,” says Newton Academy founder Binyamin Bauman. “Consumers are purchasing a staggering number of iPhones and iPads; more than 500,000 every single day,” he continues. “Every second, users of these devices download more than 500 apps, which are the core programs that make iPhones and iPads so powerful and magical.”

This large and fast growing market that is still in its infancy has resulted in a severe shortage of trained app developers, and there are thousands of excellent job openings waiting to be filled. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this trend will continue to accelerate during the coming decade with this occupation category growing faster than any other.

If they don’t want a 9-to-5 job, graduates can open up shop as freelance contractors, creating apps for businesses on a project basis. But for those with true entrepreneurial spirit, the sky is the limit. Many independent developers, called “indies”, have made small fortunes selling their creations in the App Store. Successful apps such as Instagram, which was recently acquired by Facebook for a staggering $1 billion, often get purchased by larger companies.

Newton Academy’s innovative program “flips the classroom”, a revolutionary approach to teaching in the Internet age that has been proven to achieve far more effective mastery of a subject than traditional methods. It’s called a ‘flip’ because students work together on homework under instructor guidance, and study the curriculum lessons at home with immersive video lessons that include graphics, animations, diagrams, and tutorials.

“This enables each student to learn at his or her own pace,” says Bauman. “Each module is first mastered with the help of instructors and fellow students before the student moves along to the next module. This also enables students to learn part-time or full-time while reaping the benefits of ongoing teacher assistance and peer interaction.”

Newton Academy’s training program is fully online. It takes about a year to complete, and it is designed for students who have no prior programming experience.

Every Newton Academy student who completes the academic curriculum gets a guaranteed apprenticeship. Newton Academy mentors and guides graduates closely while they create and market their first full-fledged app. Newton Academy also provides students with job placement assistance by leveraging its network of trusted recruiters and employers who are urgently seeking trained app developers.

Newton Academy is now accepting applications for its online training program, which begins on July 2. Available spots are filling fast. For more information, contact Newton Academy by phone at (800) 385-1397; by email at [email protected], or visit


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