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Ahi Ezer Yeshiva Wraps up an Exciting Year

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The students of Ahi Ezer enjoy a buggy ride through Amish country.Mother Daughter Dinner
Ahi Ezer’s annual mother daughter dinner was once again a spectacular way to end off the year for its graduating class. The special program was filled with music, dancing, a lavish feast, and many more beautiful presentations performed by the graduating eighth graders. Every girl wants to express her feelings to her mother, and the program proved a perfect way for them to do so.

The night was a mixture of smiles, laughter, and tears. The girls sang beautiful songs about their mothers, and a slide show was created by a very talented eighth grader, Judy Shapir, featuring lovely photos of our Ahi Ezer students with their mothers. For the grand finale, each girl presented her mother with a picture frame and a thoughtful poem written for the occasion, as a thank you to mom for helping her grow throughout the years.

Graduation Trip

Ahi Ezer’s eighth grade trip was an unforgettable experience and a perfect way for the school to say goodbye to its graduating class. The students spent a very full busy day traveling around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, sightseeing and having a blast. The trip included a visit to the renowned Herrs potato chips factory. Trip participants watched the production of many different kinds of chips—and even got a bag for free. Next, the students went to see a home that had been part of an Amish town some 50 years ago. Students were able to try on their distinct form of clothing, see their kitchens and bedrooms, and followed it up with an absolute ball of a buggy ride all around Amish Town.

To end their day, the girls of Ahi Ezer were in for a delightful surprise when they found themselves at Wonder World Amusement Park. Even in the rain this was the highlight of the trip. The graduation trip was one filled with memories and experiences which Ahi Ezer’s students will likely cherish in their hearts forever.

The graduating class of 2012 consisted of 31 students who graduated on June 12 in the Ahi Ezer Shul on Avenue S. After the ceremony, Ahi Ezer’s graduates, teachers, families, and friends were invited to attend a beautiful party. There were refreshments and baked goods to celebrate this tremendous milestone.
Says one representative of Ahi Ezer, “The girls will be moving on to great schools in our community.”
“We hope that the girls will continue in the right ways that which we taught them.”

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