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The World’s Smallest Violin

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So to protest the conditions of their confinement (namely, the fact that they’re sitting in jail and not out on murder sprees), some 1,500 imprisoned Palestinian terrorists launched a hunger strike to gain international sympathy. It seems to have worked (though to be fair, it doesn’t take much to get the international community to condemn the Jews), but it seems that most of the prisoners are a bunch of quitters, which is really too bad.
Long story short, only a handful of the protestors continue to refuse food. And now, the International Red Cross is demanding that Israel hospitalize six of them.
Let me see if I’ve got this right…a lot of these prisoners are people who plotted (and in some cases succeeded in causing) the deaths of Israeli civilians. Now, a common method employed by these folks is the suicide bombing, where the “martyr” kills him or herself as part of their act of mass murder, going out in a blaze of glory/hatred. Now these people are trying to kill themselves, and we’re morally obligated to stop them? They shouldn’t be stopped – they should be given an award (preferably posthumous) for helping bring peace to the Middle East!
Seriously though, if the murder-suicide is a part of the Palestinian people’s struggle for national liberation, surely the protest-suicide is as well. And who are we to violate these prisoners’ basic right to murder themselves?
Then again, leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad have threatened that the death of a single hunger striker would…wait for it… ignite the third intifada. 
So fear not, brave imprisoned Palestinian freedom fighters. The Zionist oppressors may have taken away your weapons, and your ability to wage war directly. But you can help ensure that others are inspired to murder more men, women and children in your memory, and all you have to do is follow your hunger strike to its logical conclusion.
You can do it! We at the Jewish Voice believe in you!

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