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South Carolina Teacher Arrested for Assaulting Child in Lesson About Nazis

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A middle school teacher in South Carolina has been arrested for allegedly dragging a student under a table during class and telling him “this is what the Nazis do to Jews,” supposedly for the purpose of explaining to the class what the Holocaust was like.

According to the 12-year-old boy, when he went to sharpen a pencil in his seventh grade classroom at Bluffton Middle School, teacher Patricia Mulholland grabbed him by his collar and said, “come here, Jew.” The teacher proceeded to drag him for ten feet under a table and make the threatening-sounding comment about Nazis. Mulholland insisted that her actions were motivated by a desire to teach the students a lesson about the Holocaust.

“What was a demonstrative attempt to teach about World War II and the Holocaust has been taken to mean an anti-Semitic rant and it was nothing like that,” said her attorney, Robert Ferguson.

Mulholland was arrested on charges of assault and battery and public disorderly conduct, Bluffton Police spokesman Lt. Joe Babkiewicz said.

Her attorney told reporters that Mulholland is a well-respected educator who did not experience any problems during her 23-year career in the Beaufort County school system. “This is such a sensitive topic. But what do you determine is instructive teaching? Where is that line?” Ferguson said.

Disclosing that Mulholland was placed on administrative leave, officials from the school district explained that they are sharing all relevant information at their disposal with police, and that they plan to conduct their own investigation upon the conclusion of the criminal probe.

The police declined to identify the student and refused to say whether he was in fact Jewish.

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