Israeli Turns Away From Everest Summit to Rescue Turkish Climber

Israeli mountain climber Nadav Ben Yehuda gave up on his dream to climb Mt. Everest with just 300 meters to go before reaching the summit. Within sight of the summit, Ben Yehuda turned around to save an injured Turkish climber.

According to Israel Radio, which broke the story on Tuesday morning, Ben Yehuda himself sustained injuries during his rescue of the Turkish climber. According to the report, Ben Yehuda, 24, suffered severe frostbite and may lose his fingers.

After the rescue, the two climbers were airlifted off the mountain by helicopter and are now recovering in a hospital in Kathmandu.

Speaking to Israel Radio from the hospital, Ben Yehuda said that there were several bodies strewn along the path to the mountain’s summit and that, in addition to helping the Turkish climber, he also assisted a British climber and a Georgian national.

Israel Hayom, courtesy of JointMedia News Service


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