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Israel Hosts Prominent Officials at its Triennial Agricultural Exhibition

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Israel’s agricultural exhibition, Agritech 2012, is taking place in Tel Aviv this week from Tuesday, May 15, to Thursday, May 17. Prominent figures from abroad are among the thousands expected to visit the exhibition, which showcases Israeli innovations, developments and inventions in the fields of agriculture and related technologies.

Israel is a world leader in agro-technology, largely because of the country’s indigenous shortage of water and arable land, which have led to the development of methods, technologies and products to address these challenges.

A significant proportion of scientific research in Israel focuses on agro-technology, which helps to provide a foundation for the formation of start-up companies.

Agritech 2012 offered a window through which the Israeli agro-technology industry could be viewed close up. The latest was the 18th Agritech exhibition, which is held every three years. The main subjects in this year’s exhibition included irrigation, water management, greenhouses, and the dairy industry. For the first time, an Israeli pavilion was dedicated to agricultural innovation and the displaying of Israeli innovations and developments in the field.

Agritech has become a tradition for farmers as well as decision-makers in the field of agriculture. At the previous Agritech exhibition, held in 2009, about 4,200 visitors came from all over the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which sees as one of its primary goals the promotion of Israel’s economy through its envoys abroad and its staff at the home office, played a major part in Agritech 2012. In keeping with its slogan, “diplomacy in the service of the Israeli economy,” the Foreign Ministry took care of foreign VIP visitors, including a prime minister, ministers of agriculture, and other government ministers whose jobs are connected to agriculture in some way.

During the exhibition, MASHAV, Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, convened a forum for visiting ministers titled, “Global Challenges in Agriculture”. In addition, Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon represented the Foreign Ministry at the opening ceremony, which took place at the Tel Aviv Trade Fairs and Convention Center on Tuesday morning, and met with senior officials from abroad who came to see the exhibition.

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