Education Moves Up a Grade: Israel’s Center for Educational Technology to start first-of-its-kind educational ‘incubator’ in the Negev - The Jewish Voice
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Education Moves Up a Grade: Israel’s Center for Educational Technology to start first-of-its-kind educational ‘incubator’ in the Negev

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The Center for Educational Technology (CET) today announced the launch of an educational-technological incubator for educational startups and entrepreneurs from Israel. Scheduled to start operations this June in the city of Yeruham in the Negev, the Incubator seeks to develop the area of EduTech, namely leveraging high tech knowhow and capabilities for the development of innovative educational technologies.

The Incubator will mobilize local startups and entrepreneurs involved in education and will focus on developing dedicated technological models and solutions for the educational system as well as research the relationship between the digital culture and education. The Incubator will be headed by Avi Warshavsky, Head of Humanities and Social studies at CET and one of the entrepreneurs behind KOTAR, the digital book platform.

CET’s technological incubator will consist of three areas: the Garage, where developers and entrepreneurs will look for solutions for various educational challenges; the Aquarium, the first research center on education and technology; and the lab which will liaison between the incubator and the classes through a network of selected schools. The lab will identify technological needs of the educational system and will pilot the technological products developed in the Incubator.

Gila Ben-Har, the CEO of CET, commented, “While Israel has acquired a reputation as a global high tech superpower, it is necessary to invest in education to close the gap between our technological capabilities and their implementation in the education. The establishment of the first technological-educational incubator in Israel seeks to create an optimal affinity between creative and entrepreneurial startups and the educational system so as to position Israel in the forefront of innovative technological education. The choice of Yeruham to host the Incubator came natural for us as we seek to encourage start-up companies and entrepreneurs to work in the Negev as well as become engaged in the community activity in the area and in the educational institutes of Yeruham and its vicinity.”

Over the next five years, CET will mobilize $10 million in the project. Start-up companies that join the incubator will enjoy financial support and will be able to use the Lab’s schools as an experimental field, and the team of the Aquarium for research and business and pedagogical consulting.

In choosing Yeruham as the venue for the incubator, CET hopes to encourage and spur settlement in the Negev, creation of new jobs and interaction between the Incubator and the community.

The mayor of Yeruham, Michael Biton, said, “The opening of CET incubator in Yeruham is wonderful news for the city and a major advance for the citizens. The opening relies on Yeruham’s having the human capital necessary to run the Center and the conviction to start Zionist momentum in the Negev. The high tech industry has shown it is capable of overcoming borders and physical distance. I am confident that CET’s decision is the first bird of spring and that more organization will follow suit with initiatives which will create more jobs and more high tech ventures in the region”.

 Avi Warshavsky, Head of Humanities and Social studies at CET, said, “CET has identified the need of establishing an independent body devoted to research, entrepreneurship, innovation and experiments in education. We urge local developers and entrepreneurs join us and partner in making a real difference in the future of Israel’s educational system”.

Organizations interested in joining CET Technological Incubator in Yeruham are invited to write to

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