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Blood Libel Revived in Arab Media

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Blood libel, both metaphorical and literal, against Jews and Israelis, continues to be a popular motif in the Arab press, as in this example.Jordanian Journalist: Talmud Says to Use Christian blood for Matzah

A Jordanian journalist recently wrote an article describing that the Talmud instructs Jews to kill Christian children and use their blood to bake matzah. The claim rehashes an age-old anti-Semitic myth about Jews.
Among other falsehoods in the article on Gaza-based website Alwatanvoice.com, author As’ad Al-’Azouni, a Jordinian of Palestinian origin, writes that “it says in the Talmud: ‘[Even] the best of Gentiles should be killed, and [even] the best of vipers should have its brains dashed out’….The Jews make great efforts to cause war between the Muslims and Christians, like what happened during the protest over the disappearance of a Christian boy in Damascus in 1890.”

“This proves only one thing, namely [the extent of] the Jews’ influence on, and infiltration of, all circles in Christian societies and even Muslim ones, and their success in harming anyone who opposes them and exposes the secrets of their Talmudic hatred,” he wrote, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

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