40,000 Chareidim Expected to Attend Citifield Rally on Internet

The leadership of the Chareidi community has called upon its adherents to attend a mass rally at Citifield in Queens that will focus on the moral dangers of unfettered Internet usage. As many as 40,000 fervently Orthodox men – women are not invited – are expected to attend the mass gathering on May 20.

“This will be a mass rally never before seen in the history of Orthodox Jewry in the U.S.,” stated one of the event’s organizers. “It will be a gathering of unity of all the Jews living in the U.S., a gathering to disseminate information and a prayer rally for the success of Klal Yisrael’s war on the technology which threatens the sanctity of the homes of Israel.”

The organizer went on to explain that the Torah sages instigating the event have specifically requested that it be scheduled on the eve of Rosh Chodesh Sivan – a particularly effective time to pray for the spiritual success of one’s children – since the ultimate purpose of the rally is to ensure that today’s youth are protected from the morally corrosive influences of modern technology.

A kol korei (public proclamation) signed by several of the highest-level rabbinical leaders in Israel has been published in Orthodox newspapers describing the importance of attending the rally. The proclamation reads as follows:

“It is well known that in recent times through the Internet many serious family-related problems have been created, and it all happens because of it, and something must be done so they won’t be hurt. And since this touches almost everyone, we must assemble together to protect and be protected, and we hope that through this gathering in search of ideas we will be helped from Heaven to save the many, and may it be that we will be successful in encouraging the public not to stumble over this obstacle, and the L-rd will guide us in a truthful path.”

The statement is signed by Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, Dean of the Ponovezh Litze’irim yeshiva; Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky; and Rabbi Nissim Karelitz, Chairman of the Rabbinical Court of Bnei Brak. The event’s production costs – said to be approximately $1.5 million – were raised from private philanthropists.


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