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Running From His Record, Obama Spinning Poll Results Ineffectively

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A recent survey by the Public Religion Research of Jewish Voters, sent campaign Obama all over the place, spinning the poll results that show the President getting 62% of the Jewish Vote, 16% less than the 78% of support he got in 2008.

While the RJC pointed out the 16 point decline in support of the President, Campaign Obama spun it their way. Bluntly claiming that the numbers are the same as of June 2008, which improved by the time election day came around.

The pundits also came across the poll data that shows the issue of Israel playing a minor role in deciding for whom to vote, revealing that the economy and moral values are more important to the Jewish electorate.

Before dismissing the poll as manipulated or inaccurate, here is why team Obama have reasons to shvitz under their freshly-starched shirts: First, Obama is not anymore candidate Obama, but President Obama with a three and a half year in-office record. So, a 16% decline in support is not only a sign of disappointment among traditional Democratic voters, but an increasing trend that could end with roughly 55% among Jewish voters, once they come across the aisle to examine the President’s record being put out on the table.

This and more, even if Israel is not a deciding issue in the election, which can easily be dismissed. If indeed the economic situation and the role of government is the dominating issue among the Jewish electorate too, than there is no reason to believe that the decline in support of the president is not so significant, and that President Obama will succeed in bringing them home closer to the election. Nobody other than Team Obama in the Chicago bunker thinks that the President has a successful record when it comes to the economy, reducing the size of government, reducing the unemployment rate and releasing the heavy burden of high gas prices off our shoulders.

So, regardless of what the dominating issue might be, if it’s the economy or foreign affairs, Jewish voters as all Americans are fed up, and refuse to be fooled again. And rest assured, that come election day there will be a significant decline in the president’s support, just enough to determine the outcome of the election in the swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Jacob Kornbluh is a political correspondent for the Jewish Voice, and host of the popular online radio program The Bibi Report. You can read his blog at, or follow him on Twitter: @jacobkornbluh

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