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Rabbi Pinto Distributes Blessings and Food to Thousands for Pesach

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In preparation for Pesach, the revered sage Rav Yeshayahu Pinto personally gave out wine and shmurah matzohs – along with his special blessings – last Thursday night to approximately 15,000 followers at Shuvu Yisrael in the southern city of Ashdod in Israel. This is the third year that Rav Pinto has engaged in this practice.

Ever mindful of the fact that numerous households in Israel are struggling with poverty and thus find it exceedingly difficult to properly prepare Pesach meals, Rav Pinto’s Shuvu Yisrael organization has been in the process of distributing food packages to 12,000 families. Under this program, each family receives a special delivery of 92 Pesach food items. According to Rabbi Yosef Amos, a gabbai to Rav Pinto, the drop-offs of the packages are initially made at eighty locations around the country, and then delivered to each home individually. “This system enables these families to receive their crucial assistance in a manner that is dignified,” Rabbi Amos explained. “It allows them to avoid the potential embarrassment that can come with waiting on a long line to get food for Yom Tov.”

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