Jon Lovitz Fights Back Against Obnoxious Teenaged ‘Jew-Haters’

SNL’s ‘Hanukkah Harry’ turns out to be a fierce defender of his fellow Jews! Jon Lovitz, the Jewish Voice salutes you!Shames Perpetrators of Anti-Semitic ‘Prank’

Comedian and actor Jon Lovitz stepped in to take care of some anti-Semitic bullying personally, taking to twitter to expose the perpetrators of swastika vandalism. 

Lovitz, best known for his roles on Saturday Night Live, Newsradio, and as the voice of TV show title character The Critic, was extremely angered to find that swastikas, as well as the word “Jew” had been drawn on the path at a friend’s teenage daughter’s house in Northridge, California.  The hate speech was accompanied by feces left at the doorstep.

The former SNL star leapt into action, posting a picture of the vandalism to Twitter, while describing it as “an insult to all of us.”  After learning more about the incident, he followed with a tweet the next day saying, “‘Swastikas in [expletive] left on my friend’s front porch were done by three 14 year old girls, driven to the house by one of the girl’s mother.” 

Lovitz has known the target’s family for many years, and the girl’s grandfather was a Holocaust survivor. 

After the police said they could not press hate crime charges because the vandalism wasn’t permanent, Lovitz tweeted a picture of the girls, adding “They want to be known. Let them be famous as Jew haters. Pls RT.”

Eventually, the girls actions less to them getting expelled permanently from their school.  Lovitz followed up with a tweet reading, “UPDATE!!!! The three girls who vandalized my friends home with swastikas and dog crap, have been expelled from their school permanently.” In addition, the mother of one of the girls who drove them over to the site of the vandalism, and may have helped them plan, is being investigated.

Whether the anti-Semitic vandalism was intended as “harmless fun,” there’s one thing about this fecal-fueled foolishness that all decent human beings can agree on. As the animated character Jay Sherman (one of Lovitz’ more memorable voiceover roles) would say: It stinks!


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