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International Petition Aims to Save Jewish Community of Migron, Israel

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A children’s nursery in the Jewish community of Migron, currently slated for destruction by the Israeli government.Activists: “Jews Do Not Expel Jews From Their Homes”

On March 25, 2012, the Supreme Court of Israel, under pressure by extreme leftist groups like the organization Peace Now, ruled that Migron, a community of 50 families consisting of 300 residents, with an established infrastructure, located in the Shomron—that is, Samaria (commonly referred to as the “West Bank,” a term based not on the millennia-old Jewish connection to the land, but rather its proximity to the Jordan River), must be dismantled and its residents expelled from the land by August 1, 2012.

The expulsion order was issued despite the fact that it has been established and clearly articulated in a comprehensive legal opinion by Howard Grief, Esq., a renowned historian and legal scholar, that Migron was never “private Arab property,” as the self-proclaimed Arab “owners of the land,” on which Migron was established, claim; they never had a valid, legal title to the land. Moreover, these claimants did not settle, or vivify, the land they claimed to have owned. Therefore, the argument goes, their claim that the land was their “private property” is without any legal basis and should have been rejected outright by the Government of Israel and its Supreme Court.

Despite the existing recommendations from top Israeli legal experts on how to legalize Migron fairly and reasonably, and thus prevent the destruction of an entire community and the expulsion of all of its residents, it appears that no governmental legislation aimed at saving Migron is being promoted to any meaningful extent.

In response to what critics are calling an “imminent human tragedy,” a group of concerned Jews and supporters of Israel from around the world have created an international petition, urging the Government of Israel to reclassify the land comprising Migron as “state land,” rather than “private land,” and to give the community retroactive authorization by issuing an executive order.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu must assert his legal right,” say the petition’s organizers, “and apply his moral obligation to issue the executive order, at once.”

The petition, being organized by Friends Of Migron International, can be found online, in English at: www.yeshuv.org/mission/save-migron, and in Hebrew at www.yeshuv.org/mission/save-migron/hebrew.

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