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Gourmet Glatt a Haven for Boro Park Kosher Consumers of Discerning Taste

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Gourmet Glatt features spacious, well-stocked aisles, and ten banks of cash registers to serve the store’s large (and growing) customer base quickly, and efficiently.13th Avenue, once known as the premier shopping destination for the Brooklyn Jewish community, is now known for its midday traffic and afternoon lines at every bank on every corner. But in the midst of a slow and uncertain economic recovery, the news of a new supermarket opening its doors to serve the Jewish community—creating more than one hundred new jobs in the process—was received with great fanfare.

Gourmet Glatt, located at the former location of Friedman’s Supermarket on the corner of 13th Avenue and 39th Street, has since its opening not only become the neighborhood’s leading supermarket, but has also raised the bar for Boro Park businesses.

“With aisles wide enough to accommodate four shopping carts, 10 checkouts, competitive prices and a comfortable environment, we hope to provide shoppers with a positive experience, and the pleasure of receiving the maximum customer service possible,” one of the store’s owners, Mordechai Silberstein, told the Jewish Voice.

“Freshness, selective variety and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones on which Gourmet Glatt was founded and we will offer that to our customers on a daily basis,” he added.

The 20,000 square foot store provides one-stop shopping including grocery, a 100-foot aisle of fresh premium meat and poultry, a gourmet takeout deli and appetizing department, fresh fish daily, a complete line of baked goods and fancy cakes, 60 doors of frozen items and an extensive selection of handpicked produce and fresh fruit.

The Deli/Takeout department offers a large variety of fresh cooked meat, cold cuts, readymade meals, as well as an array of appetizers, kugels, salads and dips prepared in a traditional heimishe style.

Doors which open and close automatically are one of the many little conveniences one finds at Gourmet Glatt. Ten banks of cash registers have been installed, and the store valet parking lot can accommodate up to eighty cars, virtually eliminating the hassle of looking for parking spots with meters, or getting double parking tickets.

The store managers estimate the new facility will enable them to serve thousands of customers a day with the present complement of 120 employees. Free home delivery is also offered to the customers of Gourmet Glatt.

In an article covering the store’s grand opening weeks ago, Assemblyman Dov Hikind told VIN News, “This wasn’t just a supermarket opening. This was all about investing in our community and the ripple effect, both the jobs created and other good things that will come from this made it a delight to be there.”

This enterprise, undertaken right before the Spring Yom Tov season, appears to be bearing fruit. The store’s aisles have been filled, of late, with overflowing shopping carts, filled with fresh meats, poultry, and other products destined for the Passover table. The atmosphere was hectic but joyous as shoppers seemed quite satisfied with the quality of their groceries, and of the service they received, as they left with their purchases.

Speaking to the Jewish Voice, one Gourmet Glatt team member expressed great admiration for the store’s business model, one that has proven to be effective in serving the needs of the community. Their commitment to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, he says, is unending. And by pursuing that commitment, Gourmet Glatt is turning shopping from a chore, into an experience.

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