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Ahmed Qurei and the Definition of Irony

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Apparently, officials from the Palestinian Authority are either immune to irony or are willfully ignorant in their approach to the “peace process,” which admittedly would explain the last sixty-odd years of Israeli history.

Ahmed Qurei, former Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, wrote in a recent article that he believed a two-state solution, at this juncture, was no longer a viable approach to peace. Qurei said Israeli settlements in the West Bank have advanced too far, and called upon authorities to now push for a one-state solution—an Arab, Muslim state.

According to Qurei, “this solution allows [the Palestinians] to expand [their] maneuvering room and to continue [their] comprehensive diplomatic campaign to take [back] the basic rights of freedom, independence, and human honor that [they] have been denied.”

“The unfeasibility of the two-state solution is a fact that can be presented to the Quartet, and especially the U.S.,” he added.

The biggest problem with a statement like this one is its obvious hypocrisy. With a one-state “solution,” “independence” for the Palestinian authorities necessarily arrives at the expense of Israeli independence. Obviously this poses no problem to Qurei’s conscience. So, when he discusses the importance of other values like “freedom” and “human honor,” we can assume he means Jews are less deserving of freedom than his Palestinian brothers.

Question: In the eyes of Qurei and his contemporaries, are Jews A: less than human, or are they just B: lacking in honor? One needn’t look any further than the official radio and television broadcasts of the Palestinian Authority to learn that, in fact, the answer is C: all of the above.

It’s no coincidence that Qurei discusses the importance of “maneuvering room,” or as they used to call it in German, lebensraum.

Even if you’ve been brainwashed into thinking the Palestinians hold the moral high ground in this conflict, there’s no denying that the Israelis hold the high ground in economic and military terms. So maybe consider that before proposing to force your own “government” (and I’m using the term loosely here) upon your neighbor. That notion that there is anyone in the international political community who would give serious consideration to Qurei’s suggestions staggers the imagination.

Bottom line: Israel is the one and only Jewish homeland. If the Palestinians expect to see a Palestine emerge in the near future, they need to come to terms with that, not that we expect them to. No “comprehensive diplomatic campaign” (even Palestinian style “diplomacy,” which involves a little less schmoozing and a little more Semtex) is going to cause the Jews to abandon their home. When the Jews say “never again,” some of them actually mean it. And our brothers and sisters in Israel have the faith and the firepower to back it up. We never thought we’d say this, but praise the L-rd, and pass the ammunition!

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