‘The View’ Sets its Sights on Peres

Israeli President Shimon Peres on The View with Barbara WaltersIsrael President Shimon Peres appeared on ABC talk show The View on March 1.  In an interview with host Barbara Walters, Peres talked about Iran, nuclear weapons, as well as Israel’s relationship with the United States and the Obama administration.

Peres largely touted the points of agreement between Israeli and U.S. policy, saying, “Number one, the world is in danger if Iran will get a nuclear bomb. It’s a very serious problem not just because of the bomb but very much because of the nature of the present government, they support terror, they hang people without trial, they are really trying to take over the Middle East, and it may affect the whole world,”  Peres also emphasized that Israel would not be the first nation to drop a nuclear bomb, explaining, “There are different reports, but Israel has announced we shall not be the first to introduce a nuclear bomb. You know Israel has never threatened anybody, and the Iranians, Ahmadinejad, the president, says that he wants to destroy Israel.”

Peres was dodgier on the topic of Israel’s bombing of Iran without letting the United States know, saying, “I think the relations with Obama are in good shape, we have the highest respect for the president, there are ongoing talks, there is a great deal of speculation, but right now we are acting together and, I think, in full agreement” and that “all options are all options, we don’t have to specify.”

Although the interview was dominated by more ominous talk, Peres ended the day on a bright note, speaking of peace, when he said, “Today under the Internet, we can make peace among people, not just among governments. You can talk to each other freely … the response is unbelievable. And really I would be delighted if you’ll answer my invitation to be friends [of] peace and [of] mine.”


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