The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Window Blinds

The living room is perhaps the easiest room to choose window treatments for… Just remember to consider if it will complement your furniture. There are a lot of window treatments available. Choosing among these is already a hard decision. If you choose to install window blinds in your home, you might be surprised to know that you will still make a decision on which type of blinds will be best suited for each room of your home.

Remember that in whatever window treatments that you choose, you need to consider two things: functionality and artistic quality. This rule applies even to window blinds. And because the different rooms in your homes have different needs, there are specific window blinds that will be best suited for them. Here is a quick guide on how to choose window blinds for your home.

Blinds for the Living Room

The living room is perhaps the easiest room to choose window treatments for. There are limited considerations in terms of being wet or getting stained, etc. You can play with whatever type of blinds you want for your living room. Just remember to consider if it will complement your furniture.

Blinds for the Bed Room

Window blinds with relaxing colors and soft fabrics are usually the best ones to be used in the bed room. This is especially true for cluttered and overly decorated bedrooms. For the bed room, roman and roller blinds are usually appropriate. These window treatments have a wide blackout range perfect for blocking out sunlight when you want extra hours of sleep.

Blinds for the Bathroom

Choosing window treatments for the bathroom is a little bit tricky. You need to factor in humidity and condensation because these can affect the quality of your blinds in the long run. Roller and venetian blinds that are water resistant is a great option for the bathroom. You should avoid fabrics and real wood as they can collect mildew in a heavily damp environment.

Blinds for the Kitchen

Like the considerations we had in choosing blinds for the bathroom, we also have considerations in the kitchen. Changes in the room temperature as we cook can affect the quality of the window treatments that we have, so choose wisely. You will then need to consider blinds that have a wide range of blackouts if you have such a home. Never ever use heavy fabrics as they easily absorb cooking smells and moisture. In addition, choose something that is easy to wipe clean as your blinds may get splashed by kitchen materials every now and then. The most recommended blinds for kitchens are those that combine the practical nature of Venetian blinds with the look of Wood Venetian blinds. It is not really wood so you will not have to think of the dangers of the wood warping in humid conditions.


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