Ou kosher passover website available to answer your questions and to make holiday preparation easier and less challenging

The holiday of Passover brings with it many stringencies in the area of kashrut. OU Kosher is preparing new online resources to make observance of Passover easier and less stressful for the average Jew.Passover is the most complex holiday on the Jewish calendar, with rules and customs – not to mention preparation – that require expertise challenging even the most knowledgeable families. However, where to turn to for help in resolving Passover-related matters is easy. It’s OU Kosher’s special website, www.oupassover.org, up and running for the seventh year.

The website also highlights articles on kashering for Passover; healthy recipes; purging of utensils; and hints for Passover cleaning.

Additionally, the OU Kosher Facebook and Twitter accounts plan to help prepare for the eight-day holiday by featuring Kosher for Passover products, recipes and articles to educate and engage fans and followers. Users may also submit their Passover related questions to be addressed via Facebook and Twitter. Join the OU Kosher social network and become a fan on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OUKosher and follow OU Kosher on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/OUKosher to stay connected.

“Passover is a wonderful, but also incredibly detailed holiday,” noted Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher. “The OU Passover website clarifies many issues of concern regarding proper preparation and observance of the Festival, while also providing informative and enjoyable features on various aspects of the holiday. The website is a wonderful resource for the entire Jewish community.”

“The OU’s web team, led by Gary Magder, has done a fantastic job in making our expansive Passover directory easily accessible and searchable,” declared Rabbi Eli Eleff, Rabbinic Coordinator and website administrator for OU Kosher. “The OU has invested tremendous time and resources to ensure that consumers have up-to-the-minute Pesach information, which is crucial this time of year.”


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