Fidler & Storobin Tied, Election to be Decided in Two Weeks

In a startling development, a tie has been declared in the race between Democratic City Councilman Lew Fidler and Republican lawyer David Storobin for the Brooklyn State Senate seat in District 27, formerly held by the disgraced Carl Kruger. The outcome of the special election was announced with over 99% of the ballots counted late Tuesday night.

According to election officials, over 700 paper ballots still need to be counted. While the law states that they may not be opened for one week, it is expected that there will be legal challenges to those ballots, thus postponing the final decision in the race for approximately two weeks.

Ironically, the official winner of the race will hold office only until the end of 2012, when the implementation of new political boundaries will cause the district to disappear entirely.